Stine Hallow

Stine Hallow depicts the unlikely friendship of Amelia and Mira who meet in their second year in Bombay’s best school ‘St. Xavier’s.’
In a place where everything is sorted into black and white, Amelia decides to draw a rainbow. Hitching a ride with her, Mira’s daring acts of cutting her mother’s calls and skipping school when she mustn’t lands her into learning that teen drama is more dangerous than it seems and you will get stabbed in the back, more than once. And when you’re standing next to a dead body… who cannot help but notice?

Season One

1. Pilot
2. A Twinge of Betrayal
3. What meets the Eye
4. Pageantry
5. Broken Pieces
6. Game of the Unatoned
7. Be my Bloody Valentine
8. The Brain, The Basket Case and The Criminal
9. Tables Turned
10. Be Careful What You Do
11. Harrow
12. The Worst Night

Season Two – Coming Soon

*This piece of art is conjured entirely by imagination. Any resemblance to people, dead or living, or any events occurred is purely coincidental. No part of this can be copied or published in any form. Rights lie with the writers. *


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