One summer day, I had had enough. My friend told me to write a book – like just there, straight off – like my fingers had some magical ability to concoct stories.
Anyways, I was already siting at my laptop (like I had for the last six hours) and I was like, “What the hell!”
Let’s do this.
If someone could believe in me so easily, if someone believes I can write – then I might as well start believing too.

Aves is my first project.
I plan it as a series of four books.
The initial titles I use for the books (I’ve written so far) are – Involvement (1st book) – Initiative (2nd book) .. Of course, the titles are going to change. But hey! I had to call them something.
I’m credibly proud of them (Mind, I said them, and not me) because this is the only story I’ve managed to write off into two books. But the adventure doesn’t stop here.

Of both the books I’ve finished their rough drafts.
‘Involvement’ is currently undergoing critiquing (25/05/2013) by two amazing teen writers.
And thus, I’ve decided to work on it’s second draft. A better, more firmly based, ‘awesome’ draft.

This is going to be my journey from being an apparent ‘nobody’ with a lot of stories to tell – to a ‘somebody’ whom a lot of people like to read.



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