I’m Salonie.
I started this blog when I was 15 because I believed I could write and I needed a safe place to work on it. Whoa! (how incredibly innovative) gave me just that – starting off with rubbish ramblings about the mundane to disclosing dearest secrets about loved ones. It was a place I could be whoever, specifically, Vee.

Vee is still here. But she is graduating from this platform. Over time I’ve found it harder to write words that really impress me – because at the end of the day, no one scrutinizes these posts more than I do. And if I wasn’t happy, what is the point really?

I think the point is that I tried. We all tried. Thank you for reading these words, your eyes glaring at a laptop screen means much to me. And a tiny part of me hopes that Vee made you feel like you could connect, like you weren’t alone and like you could smile, the way she’s done it for me.

Gosh, Salonie, stop talking like you have an alter ego.


Good bye,
and love,



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