Stop for a moment.

Let me take your hand.

And I will smile at you. Because you will fill me with incredibility.

I will stitch your heart to the sleeve of my pink sweater, taking off the rusted silver one that hung there for ages.

Let us run into a place where the sky meets the sea, a holy illusion we will be.

We will swim though our legs will want to touch the bottom of the pits. The pits that contain you and me.

I want to show you the street turns with its pretty interceptions and green street signs, where our names will be etched like ‘5th and Madison Avenue.’

Let me get you to the crossroad where we it will pain us to decide what we want more – you, me or a burger.

and let’s settle on the burger.

I want to pull you up the hill which is not at all steep to climb, but when you roll down you’d feel your whole world collapsing. And then when we’re at the bottom, I’ll show you how the sun beams through the skeletons of the leaves, through the outline of the tree in the middle. You will see different patterns through the hollows, through the light, through the blueness of the sky and the not quite blueness of it too. And it will tell you the truth.

We will jump when we see three fighter planes zoom across the sky, throwing ourselves against fate wondering when the bombs will be hurled by. We will breathe a sigh, because it won’t be today and maybe, just maybe they came to say –


I’ll say to you. And smile. Because I wouldn’t need words to tell you, to make you believe, to let you know anything. Hi, Hi, Hi. You are my smile. One syllable will be enough to last us an eternity.

And then when we’ll look out of our window, the tiny lil hole that’s the excuse of it, I’ll show you a rainbow in a place where light doesn’t even reach to reflect. And you will show me how we can see all the seven colors, maybe more, even though black is what the others see.

Let’s run fast, you know, till adrenaline takes over our instincts and you can feel this fire cracker in your chest, it’s bursting wanting to get out of your cage. And you will let it go, and you will let it go into the universe. And it will be beautiful.

Let me hold your face in my hands and pull it closer till I have memorized your breathing, the lines on your fore heard, the craters in your cheeks, the hook of your nose and the listlessness of your lips. Let me look into your eyes and know it’s going to be fine because tomorrow will be another day.

Stop for a moment and let me be by your side.

Stop for a moment, so I- –


(Hold Back The River – James Bay, inspiration.)


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