A practical list of why I like America

Ever since I was little I wanted to travel to the United States of America and maybe even live here and go to school and have a high school musical of my own. Movies always seem to glam up the things I found fascinating about this beautiful country and my perspective of what this country would be was vastly altered and cut to seem like I was in a movie too.

After spending two weeks in my dream land, my family asked me what I liked about America and I was left speechless. Honestly, half the time me being here feels like the most normal thing on the planet if not my greatest feat. The other half goes in comparing my mother land to this vast giant, even if it is simply converting currency or wondering if the Starbucks here is better,

So here’s an (hopefully) unbiased list of what makes me like the USA:

1. The sky is beautiful. (COME ON THAT’S A PRACTICAL REASON!) The blue is unlike anything else I have seen and the beautiful combinations of the sunlight and the play of the earth’s rotation up, up, here in the north is simply breath taking.

2.Most of everybody smiles and says hello.

3. There are too many trees. And I live near the jungle area which means more veggies for me!

4. Seeing all these different kinds of birds, flowers and leaves just drive me crazy in the good way.

5. Everything feels organized.

6. Driving and using specific lanes in order to avoid DEATH is the the LAW here. (So at least I won’t die in a rickshaw here, as I always imagine.)

7.Actual encouragement of sports and music.

8. Starbucks is normal here.

9. Everything looks cute in the departmental store isles. Even toothpicks.



12. phew, You get to decorate your lawn or backyard or you know. In India I would get to decorate my doormat or maybe not even that.

13. Play dates. Just something about the words play and date together,

14. Mostly brilliant fictional and reality TV shows.

15. EVEN THEIR DISNEY SHOWS ARE ADDICTing. (Watch Girl Meets World)

16. They have actual sidewalks. Pavements. Footpaths. Whatever.

17. There are trails through forests to get to parks. (Aka Salonie goes on a make-believe adventure)

18. Street names. Like Caley. Beidler, Saratoga. I used to keep a watch for every street intersection because they had those cute green screens with the street names on and it was fascinating.

19. Cute guys waving out to you I mean…


So this is all I could get from my two weeks here. I have another two to go and a bunch of places to visit. New York was fun. And fun is just being modest over here. From 2 am bracing the strong winds on the Empire State to simply trying (and failing) to reenact the Titanic scene on the ferry to the Status, it was like I was just casually dropped in a place where I belonged. But to me it wasn’t so. I was hyperventilating when I saw the skyline on the bus to New York (THE BUS HAD WIFI) and sitting there in that double decker, with so many other whos were going into the city for Memorial weekend, I got to see the glimpse of what New York might gave people. And for me, it was this thirst to come back for more (and probably be neighbors with Taylor Swift, but I ain’t promising TayTay.) I want to say more, about how brilliant things are. But the reality is that two weeks in no way makes me an expert on this. All that I am feeling right now is simply this flow of pumped up expectations turning into solid reality. And I am grateful. Boy am I grateful.

This in no way means that I don’t miss India. Or that America is way better than India. That debate is not something I would want to waste ANY of my time on. But sitting here in my backyard in Philly, as I see for the first time in my life, dandelions growing on a hillside, I know that dreams do come true. You wait a long time, You see despair. But keep doing the good things in life and the best will come to you.

Thank you America for this enlightenment.



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