The Best Temporary.

She told me that between the ages of 13-22 people have the most temporary relationships, friendships. So that means I’m bound to make the best friend of my life and lose her a year later. Ignore her like we meant nothing to each other. And cease to think about her because I have someone (or since we’re being so impersonal here) something new.

I was about to argue with her that that isn’t true. 

But then I looked around. She was the new thing.

My best friend of five years abandoned me once we got shuffled into new classes. My 10th grade buddies joined different junior colleges and even though we talk and hang out, its once in a pink moon. Some of my 12th grade friends still remain, but that’s mostly because we’re still in the same college. My other best friends have either moved to different states in the country or different countries altogether and we have a tough time keeping in touch. When we chat its not even a real conversation!

And then I have to admit it. We’re like massive goldfishes who are having 5 minute intense relationships and then falling in amnesia.

But here’s what I want to tell you.

All love is true love.

(Hahahahahaha you knew that was coming, didn’t you R?)

But yes, I stand by it. If I was your friend for those two minutes I was intensly, madly, beautifully, whole heartedly, desperately and deeply friends with you. I love you and care for you and I’d do anything for you (as long as it doesn’t involve getting up from my sofa.)

And you say you’ve found some sort of a safe haven in me. But trust me, it is me who is lucky. (Wow, we do sound like a couple now) I am happy, just happy to know you, to laugh with you, to listen to your insecurities and silly ponderings. And I think you are a beautiful person despite what you think or feel.

I know that maybe there’ll be a time when we don’t see each other as often and I’ll forget how to make you laugh but today is not that day. And neither is tomorrow. Maybe you’ll get a friend who is even better than me (highly doubt that, though.) But don’t you dare look back and think what happened to us? Don’t you dare think why friendships never last or our generation is so fickle. Because those questions are left for us by the universe. And honestly the universe is a bitch and you & I shouldn’t give her satisfaction by breaking our heads over such things.

The only part of this that matters is that if what we have is temporary, I will make sure its the best ever.


Our expression, every second.

Our expression, every second.


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