Vee for the win!

Dearly Beloved,

If for the next few weeks you hear from me even lesser than usual then know it’s for the best. Because maybe, just maybe something exciting may be occurring in my life.

However do not fear that I am not well as I am right now. I am very content, thank you. If my future endeavors shall fail, being pulled out from it’s roots, I assure you that after a million hours of tearing up I will be just fine. There is beauty in the boring normality that we live in, I have often found myself to express the same. I love the oddness of the skies, the stink of garbage and the occasional nothingness that has been betrothed to my life. I have come to appreciate that while my life is not the best and not always met by what I desire, it is still a wonderful life. For the only way to go around the world is by smiling your way through it.

Talking about going round the world and such, I must present to you the anxiety I face in the immediate future. Tomorrow morn, as the clock strikes ten I must face the peril that is my visa interview. Folks have been telling me the stories from both ends – how bad it can go and how well. And while I tell my heart beat to calm its chickens, fear and excitement both lace my nerves together with a sprint of optimism.

Now you must understand why. I have never been out of my city ever. Yes, the visits to my country home speak for a lot of entertainment, but its not the same. I recently acquired my passport, the baby is barely a month old and the anticipation to swipe it out of the country is tickling me. But more than that it’s ME proving the fact to myself that like any proper being I too can go and visit these beautiful places I only envision in my mind (Or on the laptop screen.) To me any place outside this city of mine is like the realm of faeries – untouchable. And only if I can break the sphere and know for myself that it possible, maybe I will start to believe. Maybe I will start to fly (sitting in an aircraft, of course.)

Well, whatever fate holds  for me tomorrow will be greeted tomorrow. I want to tell you how much I have waited for this day. It was like all those years ago I was asking a question and tomorrow it will finally be answered.

One thing’s for sure.




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