The New Year.

I will never get the fuss people make about The New Year.

On New Year’s Eve (which is apparently abbreviated to NYE, I did NOT know that) I decided to spend my entire day with my best friend Rochana and a few others which included her fabulous cousin and my annoying neighbor. I’m usually the girl who has no plans for any sort of occasion. I hardly leave the shadows of my room, and only venture out for food or my laptop charger. So going out for the entire day – roaming the streets, bracing the Mumbai heat and sun, and enjoying the stink of the common air was a real task for a lazy fangirl like me. Everything was laaaaaid back and I remember thinking, this is exactly what I wanted to do when I was in school.

Be free.

But all these feelings aside, I just thought of all the plans we declined and all the plans we tried to make in order to spend the last day of the year perfectly. But was it really that important to make it perfect? Like if you didn’t have a party to go to, did it mean your new year’s eve was lame or shitty. I don’t think so.

It all lies in the perception of things really. And the confidence you have in doing what you believe.

I think a lot of partying notion comes from the fact that it is considered ‘cool’ to do so. I remember a month ago I was planning a New Year’s Eve party just because I didn’t want to look like I didn’t have any cool plans. Also because I thought getting sloshed would be a great idea for the night. But two nights ago, when I did have a NYE party – I didn’t really do any of those things. For one, I realized the party, the drinking was all an act. I wasn’t really excited for a new year. If I was really stoked for an event, these things would make sense to it. Instead after a whole night of partying, I realized I enjoyed more when I wrote down the stuff in my head and edited a long due video.

At midnight, we lit lanterns and set them off into the sky. To find their own way. To take our problems and insecurities far far away. I think I like the idea how people believe a new cycle will help the become better individials. I like that they believe it is still possible to have a do over.

But mostly, as this new year seeps in, I want to tell you that you don’t necessarily need a new year to have a new chance. You always have another chance, you have to have the courage to go look for it even if the 5th of May or the 28th of October. A year new doesn’t mean things are going to change automatically – you have to make the effort. And mostly, this new year should make you understand that you don’t have to do things that you’re uncomfortable it. Yes, you must experience and explore and experiment. But never on the cost of being untrue to yourself.

Phewwww, updating my blog after months took a lot of convincing. But thanks, Namrata, we all read blogs on a Saturday night, just like you do.

Until further inspiration,



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