Sky Full of Stars

In a deep pursuit to find out the hidden meaning of Coldplay’s hit song (and also because I really don’t have the heart to study for tomorrow’s French test) I was beginning to wonder what does the famous lyric ‘In a sky full of stars, I think I see you’ really mean.

It sounds all pretty and poignant, but really, I don’t know what Chris is trying to tell us – if the sky full of stars signifies that there are many, many brilliant people on this planet, but from all of them I only caught your twinkling. And that for me, you scintillate so brightly, you seem like a sky full of stars on your own.

OH WAIT. It looks like I understood the meaning – or at least made sense of it.

A lot of things in life don’t make sense. Like my bestie Ahat moving to another state. It raises so many questions that I wouldn’t have to answer if she were here. And then again, it brings up a lot of opportunities that I wouldn’t have had if she were here. Life as people observe, is darn confusing.

So in other news, yes I know this blog is being updated after several months. For one, I didn’t have the spirit in myself to write anything. Everything looked bleak and shattered and without any promise. You could say I had a bout of depression, but then everyone does. And sometimes people just want to be quiet. I know I did.

Also, I had my CIAs today, (Continuous Internal Assessments, thank you college) and both my papers were really horrible – just in the sense that I knew everything but I didn’t have enough time to jot it down. Which in retrospect is pretty shitty in itself. I definitely want to improve on my language, seeing that the way I type and the way I actually write are two completely different languages.

ALSO, I got a new laptop which is the mistress of all my distractions.

So really I don’t know what this post was all about. I just needed to fill in, post something, and make sure you know I’m still there lurking in the shadows, and most probably falling.


Until next time,



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