Has this hash tag been flashing across your eyes through the different spheres of the internet?
Are you one of those people who’ve taken up to complete this challenge or have already emerged out victorious?
But most importantly, are you the person who hasn’t AT ALL taken this challenge?

Then get on this ride with me.

So, I get where the inspiration of ‘Having 100 happy days’ comes from. Honestly, it IS a good idea. We are made to appreciate the little, unnoticed things that we wouldn’t have normally. Like, on so many of the tagged posts that I see, people click pictures of ice creams and umbrellas and highways and billboards – which if has given them any happiness, I’m happy about it too. I love seeing beauty in these things, really. But if we ask ourselves, if the #100DaysOfHappiness challenge is completed, are these people still going to post such pictures? … …  the answer is a big fat sloppy NO.

You wouldn’t pay attention to these tiny details unless you had to prove to the world that your day was really ‘happy.’

And if you come to think of it, who the heck has consequent hundred days of happiness? Because, boy, I’d like to borrow your life. If I’ve learnt one thing in all these loooong years of my life (I mean, 17) its that without pain, happiness cannot exist. I mean, if there was no pain.. we wouldn’t know what happiness really meant. So in order to have happy days, we’d have to know what the sad days are.

And then to extend this further, not EVERY minute of our day is ‘Happy’ – we can try – but we’re blessed with so many different emotions, that experiencing each one of them should be a privilege. Instead of happy days and sad days, we should have our moments. The moments that define us, that makes us who we are.

And lastly, all I’m saying is, forget the challenge, you don’t reaaally have to show anyone if you’re having a happy day or not. Because we’re all humans, and sometimes it’s okay to not have a happy day. I’m not saying that having a hundred happy days are bad. I’m just saying why don’t you appreciate and instead have a million moments of happiness? 


(P.S. Think about capturing these million moments… Now that’s sure to keep you busy!)





One thought on “#100DaysOfHappiness

  1. *sings Happy* 🙂

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