I’m back for the Liebster Award!

Oh sweet alphonso mangoes, has it been long since I’ve blogged. Call it being busy, or merely being blocked, my blog writing, which started out as a useful and productive exercise has now turned into a empty hole. My apologies. I’ve been focusing more on completing books and reading books, and finding Indian literary agents and getting rejected… or well, not hearing back from them – that my blog which was a sanctuary to me, got totally ignored.

……… Sorry I’ve become too much of a Whovian now to back down.

Aaaaanyway. As we get back to the point! I’ve been… Awarded? *looks around curiously* I mean, I know this is a just a blog award, which though does not lower its honor, comes to me as a surprise. I mean yes, its awarded to me by my BEST FRIEND (and I may have bribed her into nominating me for it… which I totally didn’t….. REALLY) but in all sense even though she’s lovely, Chris is a meanie old beanie. And if she compliments you, by Jupiter it is an honor.

Thanks to Google, I now know that Liebster means beloved and all synonyms of the word. And I think that’s the cutest part of this award. We’re all here to spread the love, ain’t we? And what better way than to nominate amazing people with the Liesbster Award.

Now that we’ve done with the introduction of this post, I shall continue by fulfilling the ‘Great Responsibilities’ that come with ‘Great Power’ … aka, The question-answer time. I have toanswer ALL ELEVEN OF THEM, yes 11, phew that’s alot! AND they’ve been penned down by Chris, which makes the task all the more difficult.
But here it goes!

1. Favourite music artist/band?

Okay, the thing is I was a die hard fan of Avril Lavigne until a few days back, when some news relating to her made me rethink it. But if I really ponder on what music I listen to right now (which contain mostly random not famous songs sung by actors) Artic Monkeys and Bastille stand out as the bands I listen to most, along with Simple Plan.

2. What, according to you, is your best quality?

I think my ability to just be there for a person when they need me, is something I love most about myself. Among other things of course 😛

 3. What is the one thing that drives you nuts?

OKAY, there are many things that drive me crazy, like killing off my favorite character at the end of the book (I’m looking at you Roth and Green) and noise, and unnecessarily jabbering. But mostly I don’t like fake people. I know it’s cliched and it’s low of me to say so. But sometimes, I just can’t stand people who pretend they’re not rotten, when we clearly know otherwise.

 4. Who is your favourite fictional character?

THIS IS DIFFICULT. I’ll probably die of indecisiveness … *searches bookshelf frantically to find favorite character* … Okay, *breathes heavily* I couldn’t narrow it down to one… But I got three! Heh Heh.. The first would be Jace from The Mortal Instruments, leaving the series aside from judgement I think his character was too funny, and made me laugh at the stupidest things. Then, comes Peeta from The Hunger Games, for obvious reasons of what an amazing person he is – the most ideal, if I dare to say. And lastly, Cassie, from The 5th Wave, who was another well written, witty and strong character…. and I have SO MANY OTHER FAVORITE CHARACTERS WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME- – – *dies*

 5. What do you want to get/already have as a tattoo?

What a wonder you asked! WELL you’re in luck, since my previous post was all about my future (if) tattoo 😀

 6. What serves as an effective stress-buster for you?

Whenever I’m stressed, low, pmsing, or just simply not in the mood the only thing that can make things right is watching a David Tennant Doctor Who episode. It’s my pill for all pains.

 7. What is the hardest thing you have ever done, or the biggest obstacle you have faced in your life?

Facing and getting over rejection has been one of toughest things that I do, everyday of my life.

 8. What inspired you to start blogging?

The person who nominated me for this award is the reason I have a blog in the first place. All Hail to you.

 9. Do you have any unusual pet peeves?

Mosquitoes! I just have a thing for killing mosquitoes and when I don’t succeed it annoys me 😛

10. What is your favourite quote?


I suppose a fire that burns that bright isn’t meant to last  – Veronica Roth

I always channel my emotions into my work, that way I don’t hurt anyone but myself.

Aim higher in case you fall short.

That if desperate times call for desperate measures, then I’m free to act as desperately as I wish.

Remember, Girl on Fire, I’m still betting on you

(by Suzanne Collins)

Don’t think or judge, just listen – Sarah Dessen.

11. Who has had the biggest influence on you?

My life has been shaped and built by different circumstances and people. But Jesus has had the biggest influence on it. Not that I’m a miss goody too shoes, or whatever that phrase is, I just think of JC as my hommie and all other things follow.


Eleven things about Moi!

1. I’m 17, a writer, a girl and an Indian. Who wishes she was born in UK. (Courtesy of David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch)

2. I love chips. And food in general. I wish to become thin, one day – but with all the delicious food around me, I don’t think that’s happening.

3. I love travelling, even though I don’t get to see ‘new exotic’ places every other day. I’ve learnt to find beauty in normality.

4. I daydream too often… sometimes I end up being Ben’s wife in them too.

5. Watching Lindsay Lohan movies are my guilty pleasure. I love chick flicks from the 90’s and early 2000’s.

6. I get addicted to some TV shows too quickly. It’s bad for my health, but I still do it.

7. I LOVE TO READ AND WATCH MOVIES. Basically, I love Stories.

8. I’m unaware of many of the popular stuff, be it books, facts, movies or culture. And I don’t really care. It will come to me in it’s time.

9. I’m very indecisive and I change stuff very quickly. I get bored too quickly too.

10. I’m a nice person. Somewhere, deep down, I AM a nice person.

11. I can get sad really easily – it’s doesn’t take a very big rejection to get me all depressed. AND OH! I love playing badminton and other sports, when I get to.


Eleven Questions I came up with (AKA Muahahahaha)

1. What’s your favorite color? (That was easily, I was just warming up)

2. If you could be anything, go crazy and pick up the least practical profession, what would it be?

3. Choose a fictional world you’d like to live in, AND WHY?

4. What’s your favorite meal on any given day?

5. Which song can put you at rest at the end of a long, frustrating day?

6. A celebrity you have a secret crush on and you wouldn’t normally admit to?

7. Why is ‘Insert Your Favorite Book’s Name here’ your favorite book? 😛

8. (Since everyone’s been asking this question) Why did you start blogging, and who has inspired you to do so?

9. Favorites Quote(S)?

10. What is the one thing you absolutely hate about reality, right now?

11. What would make you smile?


AHHH, SO THERE IS IT. I’m done with the answering and the questioning and now it’s your time to receive the Award! Yes, I nominate:



Miriam Joy







…and all my other close friends who are on WordPress and I can’t nominate because Chris already nominated them before.
AND to anyone out there who thinks they deserve this, this Award goes out to you!
(A lil’ pat on the back from yourself does not harm.)

Until next time, (and I swear I WILL write)






2 thoughts on “I’m back for the Liebster Award!

  1. I feel like I’m too late, but here’s another nomination for a liebster blog award. I should’ve checked your blog first, but I just love it so much I had to. Sorry:

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