Stine Hallow – Tables Turned (S1E9)


“These boots are made for walking and that’s just what they will do. One of these days, these boots will walk all over you.”


Snow settled against the window pane as Amelia Stine cast her bored gaze out at the white landscape. History was one of the most boring subjects she had ever come across. Especially when it was being taught by a certain monotonous professor, who paused every five seconds just to push his glasses further up the bridge of his nose.

Her phone buzzed in her pocket, making her jump a little. She looked around and made sure no one was watching as she slowly manoeuvred it out.

‘We’re going to the bar. Ditch the next lecture.’

Amelia sighed as she read the message Mira had sent her. Her attendance was pretty good, so she could afford to miss one lecture. Besides, her attention span for the day had gotten over somewhere between the second and third periods. Surely missing just one lecture wouldn’t be enough to put her on the defaulters list, would it? Though Amelia knew the rational answer to her question, she felt uneasy bunking lectures. She also didn’t want to upset Mira.

Okay.’ She replied and quickly slid the phone back into her pocket without attracting too much attention. That was a fairly easy task, as not many people took notice of her anyway.

Stine couldn’t stop herself from bouncing her leg for the remaining twenty minutes of the class and her neighbours threw her curious looks. To them it probably looked like she really had to use the washroom, but it was only the anxiety of having to bunk a lecture to go to a bar. With friends. Actual friends.

As soon as the bell rang, Amelia tossed her bag over her shoulder and slid out of the bench, running out of the class. She didn’t want to be late and miss the opportunity.

She half ran, half stumbled down the stairs and rushed into the foyer. She was greeted by a cold blast of wind that almost knocked her over into the trash can. Amelia righted herself and pulled her coat tighter around her before scanning the crowd looking for Mira.

“Stine! There you are. Come on. Let’s go.”

Amelia spun around to see Mira walking towards her with a bag slung over her shoulder and a book in her hand.

The two girls walked in silence to the main gate before Amelia decided to speak up.

“So, where are we going?”

“To this bar ‘round the corner. They serve underage kids.” Mira turned to her and smirked.

“Is anybody else going to be there?” Amelia asked.

Mira shrugged, “Yeah some of my classmates will be joining us after lectures. Those idiots had already bunked too many classes.”

Amelia nodded and they continued on, on their journey while it continued to snow around them.

The warmth of the bar felt nice compared to the cold outside. It was relatively empty as it was just 2:30 in the afternoon. Mira pulled off her gloves and rubbed her hands together to warm them up. “It’s cold, isn’t it?”

Amelia hummed in response while pulling off her own gloves.

Mira guided them to the front of the bar and ordered some fancy named alcoholic drink while Amelia decided to just ask for some coke. They sat atop the bar stools and spoke about irrelevant things for a while. Amelia noticed that Mira wasn’t quite into the conversation they were having. Her eyes seemed to stare right through her as if she was thinking about something.

Just then a loud laugh from the other end of the bar table interrupted them. Amelia spun around on her stool and saw a pretty girl leaning against a buff looking guy as they laughed loudly over something.

“That’s Beaula and her boyfriend Greg. She’s a class 1 bitch. I don’t know why Zeke likes her.”

Amelia spun back around to face Mira, “How do you know that Zeke likes her?”

Mira took a sip from her drink and said, “Everybody knows that! She always strings him along! I don’t think he even knows that Greg is her boyfriend. He has probably liked her since the very first day of college, I guess.” Mira took another sip and continued, “She flirts with Zeke all the time and gets him to do things for her. She basically just uses him over and over again and that idiot just can’t seem to see through her pretense.”

Amelia didn’t say anything and took a sip from her glass. She didn’t like what Mira had told her about this ‘Beaula’ girl. Why would anybody use someone for their own gains? Especially someone like Zeke! It didn’t sit well with her and she felt an unusual and overpowering urge to just go over and slap the shit out of Beaula. Maybe she should.

Amelia’s hands fisted up as she turned around and gave Beaula a sour look.

“Whoa. You’re getting a little worked up there, Stine.” Mira said.

Amelia turned back around and gulped down her entire glass of coke, feeling it burn down her throat and pretending as if that was alcohol, giving her courage to go and do what she really wanted to do next.

Greg got a phone call and he spun around on his bar stool to answer it while Beaula headed off into the bathroom to fix her make up. She smiled at her reflection in the mirror and blew herself a kiss.

With an unexpected surge of adrenaline, Amelia jumped off her stool and headed straight towards the bathroom throwing the door open.

Beaula’s startled duck face didn’t even register in her mind as she went right up to her. ‘You complete piece of shit! You moron! You disgust me!”


‘Why do you play with his heart all the time? Can’t you just choose one and leave the other alone?”

Beaula wasn’t one to just stand by and take insults, even though they were being hurled at her by a virtual stranger.

“What is your problem, bitch? I didn’t even like do anything to you! So stop poking your nose into my business and like get a life! Gosh.”

She pushed Amelia back just as Mira barged in through the door, “Ame—”

“What is my problem? You! Why are you so two faced when it comes to Zeke?”

Beaula’s features smoothed out and she let out a ridiculous cackle when she realized where this was going, “Oh I see. You’re one of Zeke’s followers. Let me tell you something. He wouldn’t notice some stupid girl like you even if I wasn’t in the picture. So like good luck with that.”

Beaula pushed past Amelia and Mira and walked out of the washroom with a triumphant grin on her face and most of Amelia’s tiny ego.

“I’m back.” Beaula announced as she sat down and opened her purse to pull out her cell phone.

“Oh my gosh! Greg, I think I lost my phone! Shit! Have you seen it? Oh god! What if that psycho bathroom bitch took it? Oh shit!” Beaula was about to get off her stool and head back into the bathroom where the two girls were still seeking refuge, but Greg caught her arm and steadied her.

“Relax babe. It’s right behind you on the table.”

She spun around on her stool and picked it up, breathing a sigh of relief. She picked it up and the two girls walked back out of the bathroom. The smaller one who had accosted her earlier seemed to be more shrunk into herself while her friend on the other hand gave Beaula a glare as she walked by.

Beaula rolled her eyes. “Would you look at them Greg? They think they can mess with me. They’re just loners. That’s what they are.”

She laughed at her own statement and Greg joined in after taking a sip of his beer.

Chi had chosen that moment to walk in with a few friends of her own. She joined Mira and Amelia and the small group abandoned the bar table and picked a booth where they could sit more comfortably. An hour had gone by without much fanfare, well except for Amelia’s uncharacteristic confrontation with Beaula. The group had a fun time drinking a few rounds while Mira made sure the conversation flowed continuously so that Amelia wouldn’t have a chance to think about what had happened.

Earlier in the bathroom Amelia very nearly broke down into tears and Mira had the strenuous task of consoling Amelia and comforting her with half-truths. After a while Amelia finally got herself back together and apologized to Mira for her impulsive behaviour and the two walked back to their side of the bar.

After a couple more rounds, Chi walked over to where Beaula and Greg were still sat at the front of the bar getting wasted and ordered some drinks for the group. She looked at the two of them and a small frown formed on her face. She had always thought of Beaula as a stuck up, rich brat. Looking at her expensive cell phone that sat abandoned along with her tiny purse on the counter top, Chi realized that her guess was right. She quickly took the drinks and hurried back to the table.

More people flooded into the bar as it got colder and darker outside. Soft music had started playing over the speakers and the place was alive with chatter and laughter. The company of Chi and Mira almost made Amelia forget about what had happened in the bathroom and how embarrassed she had felt after what she had done.

After they had finished a round of drinks, Amelia offered to go and bring the refills. Under a little bit of peer pressure, Amelia had downed a few shots herself, and was beginning to feel a slight buzz. She too had to go up towards the front of the bar where Beaula and her beau seemed to be a permanent fixture.

As soon as Stine had placed her order, Beaula spun around to her and laughed rather drunkenly, “Oh look! Here’s the Bathroom Bitch again!” Greg and Beaula both laughed falling all over each other.

“She thinks she has a chance with Zeke if I wasn’t in the picture anymore! Isn’t that cute, Greg?” Beaula obviously wasn’t too concerned about getting a reply from Greg, as she carried on.

“I have Zeke completely wrapped around my finger! He’ll do anything I say. All I have to do is bat my eyelashes at him and say, ‘Aww please Zeke? For me?’ And he’d go fetch me whatever I want. He’s like a little puppy. Too bad he’s so stupid. Hey Greg, did you know? I was totally banging his hot mess friend Neal behind his back. He was pretty good too. He loved going behind Zeke’s back and messing around with me.”

Amelia could hardly believe what she heard and her jaw dropped open. She turned her head sideways and was about to say something to Beaula but she was interrupted before she even started.

“Wow Beaula. I run all the way from college to get here when you text me, thinking—. I can’t believe you right now! Why would you text me asking me to come here if THIS is what you wanted to say?”

“Zeke!” Beaula squeaked out as she quickly stood up and pushed Greg’s arm off her.

“Oh my gosh baby! I’m so sorry, I had no—“

“Just stop already! Stop lying to me and everybody else! I heard every single word of what you said right now!”

Amelia felt herself shrink as she noticed Zeke’s slightly defeated gaze fall on her for an instant.

“What I want to know is why would you text me this?” Zeke frantically pulled out his phone from his pocket and opened the text from Beaula that read, ‘Hey babe, Come meet me at the bar rite nw. I’ve gt sumthn’ important 2 tell u :*’

Beaula gaped at the message on his phone and her mouth opened and closed like a fish.

“I- I—“

“Oh so now you’re gonna lie to me again? Like you told me that you didn’t sleep with Neal? Y’know what? I already knew you were sleeping with Neal. But I thought maybe if he was gone you’d finally realize that I have been here all along and that you’d finally wake up and realize that you should be with me! And that’s why I thought you called me here in the first place! I received this text about 5 minutes ago, thanks to the stupid signal jammers in the college and then I run all the way here,  in the bloody snow thinking that you might have gone home cause I didn’t come and then, and then this is what I find out! Unbelievable!” Zeke’s defeated voice had turned into unrestrained anger by the end of his rant. Almost the entire bar was silently looking at the scene unfolding before them.

“I never sent you that text, Zeke! I’m sorry baby, I really am.” Beaula tried to reach out to him but Zeke took a step back.

“You’re not sorry!” He let out a humourless laugh, “You’re sorry that I found out that you have a boyfriend and that you’ve been stringing me along. Just like Neal was, when I told him I found out about the two of you. He deserves to be dead.”

A tiny gasp left Amelia as she heard Zeke say those words. Her eyes widened and she nearly dropped her tray of drinks.

Zeke’s angry eyes flitted to her for a brief second before turning back to Beaula, “I am sick and tired of waiting around for you now. I’ve been sitting here, waiting and wishing for you to miraculously fall in love with me, but you just use me and throw me away. Every. Single. Time. I can’t do this anymore. I won’t do this anymore. This has gone on for far too long now Beaula. You better find another toy to play with.” With that he took two long strides forward, picked up a drink from Amelia’s tray and tossed it down his throat and slammed the glass back onto the tray, making the other drinks spill slightly.

“Goodbye Beaula.” He spun around and left the bar, with the doors swinging behind him.

Amelia and Beaula stood there with their jaws hanging on the floor, both for different reasons. Mira calmly walked up to Amelia and took the tray gently from her hands and tried to lead her away to the table before Beaula regained her senses and decided to pick a fight with Amelia.

They were almost there when they heard a high pitched screech coming from Beaula as she yelled out into the air. She spun around on her pointy heels and was about to charge straight at Amelia before Greg restrained her with his arms. He quickly tossed some money onto the counter and began drunkenly dragging Beaula out of the bar.

The chatter slowly picked up and everybody went back to their business. “Do you think Greg sent the message? He seemed pretty passive right now.” Chi commented. Amelia shrugged, she felt quite satisfied with how things had ended. She decided that if she ever found out who had messaged Zeke, she would send that person a bouquet of flowers. She smiled down at her glass.

A tall dark figure calmly walked out of the bar, right after the incident. He had been here the entire time, lurking around in the shadows like a predator. His baseball hat and dark jacket made it difficult to identify him in a crowd but if Amelia had looked up, she would have seen Luke leaving the bar.


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