BBC Sherlock v/s Elementary



A character as iconic as the famous ‘consulting detective’ who has been deducing his way through history, only to settle with our smart phones and untarnished labs, is maybe one of the best achievements in writing. An ability of a writer is simply not to create, but also to recreate and reform that which already exists. One cannot see this perhaps as a form plagiarism, if it is being brilliantly adapted to fit our minds and entertain our ever thirsty souls.

When talking about Sherlock, a character from an age different from ours (though not completely, as we see crimes have not changed much, if the creativity in them has) it only thrills a person to see how a modern day Sherlock would survive in the world. Or rather, to see how our world would stand and head whilst this prodigy exists.
However, at one given point… how many Sherlocks can you manage(tolerate)?

BBC Sherlock has nevertheless gained fame even though The Twit comes (most of the times) without a heart, a high sense of duty only to finding the right answers and emotions that are valid only when his dear Dr. Watson is in trouble. One might argue that the world’s fondness for BBC Sherlock can be traced to somebody’s mysterious high cheekbones and two particular undoubtedly brilliant writers. Perhaps what I like most about this show (ahem, except a ‘cumb-body’) is the canon that has been remolded in a new way, not only to satisfy audiences that have not yet read the books, but also that does justice to those who have and yet give them something to look forward to. The cast of BBC Sherlock is beyond words and while John might hiss at you not to smile while solving a murder, it is rather difficult to restrain from giggling. Which makes it even more different to keep up with Sherlock’s constant blabbering… and if we do manage to make sense of it, and connect the dots long, long after Sherlock has, it just leaves us with, “HOW DID I MISS THAT!”
We obviously are more than well acquainted with our angel’s nemesis, Moriarty, who even though being the ‘baddie’ has reserved a special spot in our hearts. Another interesting melody of this piece is the developing emotionalism of Sherlock, who seeks not to dwell on his feelings. Obviously, as we know our John Watson plays the key role is opening Sher’lock’ … which brings such a hearty and grand aspect to his relationships with Mrs. Hudson, Lestrade, Molly and the others. 

If there one thing in abundance in Elementary’s Sherlock, it is emotions. Elementary’s Sherlock has a human cord in him, which we find in BBC’s Sherlock, only after a close look under the magnifying glass. E’s Sherlock, doesn’t merely solves cases for the kicks of it… he genuinely has a need of bringing justice to the dead and addresses his feelings more than BBC’s Sherlock, even if addressing his feelings are “No, I don’t want to talk about it right now.” At least you do know he will at some point talk about it. Yes, that’s the hope E’s Sherlock delivers to you. Another fun thing in E’s Sherlock, is the process of deduction that one forms over time. Yes, if BBC’s Sherlock hasn’t made you stare at a stranger for long enough, have faith that E’s Sherlock will definitely teach you these skills. Obviously, having more episodes than BBC Sherlock (Yes, BBC Sherlock fandom you can come kill me for reminding you about that) it doesn’t necessarily stick to the canon (except for some of the prominent characters) and thus allows a big scope for imagination, innovations and ‘what ifs.’ The most popular controversy is the correction of one saying John to Joan… Yes, sweethearts, Watson is a lady. If you feel repelled by this concept, don’t be and rest assured that it works out just as smoothly.

There cannot be a debate as to whether one should watch BBC Sherlock or Elementary. Though, I was hesitant before enrolling myself to Elementary, I cannot say that I didn’t hesitate to watch BBC Sherlock, either. Obviously the tentativeness lies in the fact whether these shows (or any show) will be good enough. I can say, today, without a doubt in my mind that if you haven’t watched BBC Sherlock or Elementary… You should! (AT ONCE) They both are incredibly entertaining shows with buckets full of suspense, empathy and brilliant story-writing. I cannot say one is better than the other without being unfair.

As far as I’m concerned both these Sherlocks can live in this world … As long as they don’t bump into each other.  


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