Dear French.

The decision of learning French was mainly driven by the fact that French would be a better scoring subject than any other language, for my 12 grade exams. I first started learning it during my 10th grade summer vacation, doing all the basics and considering myself to be a genius as I parroted the lines I was taught.
In 11th grade, when I learnt it in school, I was happy that I was quicker in understanding it than some of the others. But my happiness turned to horror, after the first semester passed, and I realized how difficult it really was! I mean, why conjugate a verb in so many different ways and why have so many different spellings?! – And what’s up with those accents, and words that sound so English, yet have a different spelling! I heartily believed French was laughing her derriere off at me. I was reconsidering my decision, for all I was acquiring were less than average marks and I wasn’t one bit amused.

And then came 12th grade. And here, everything came down to my marks. So my mother insisted I go to a tutor and get my mind francais in the right direction. I hated it! I HATED EVERY PART OF IT! I’d never be able to pronounce anything properly and when it was being read to me all I could hear was ‘islfiondiiuvzenleranctrebeaubeaule’ which as you can read, made no sense. I couldn’t even roll my ‘R’s a la francaise! I was devastated to realize that I was no good for this language.

An entire year later, my opinions have differed. Yes, I still sound funny when I read it out loud, and a person reading to me has to go reaaaally slow, but today, French is alright, mate. I’m proud of what I’ve learnt from the language. I think our textbooks have been written well, and I’ve not only learned the language, but also the heritage. Because of learning french, my knowledge of Frace has increased. And it has awoken in me a desire of being part of the french culture. I’m proud of it, through and through. I love how I know my vocabulary better than I did two years back, and my grammar has improved tremendously. And I owe it all to my sir, Mr. Marshal, who taught me so efficiently, that I came to love a subject I so detested before.

Today, was my last French tuition, and in a day’s time I’ll be giving my 12th grade French state exam paper, which is very daunting. However, aside from the fear, is the sadness that most probably I won’t be learning French further on. At least not with that sincerity and dedication. It feels like losing a really crappy friend who you can’t get over. French, will be my mistress, toujours.

(If you do follow my blog series ‘Stine Hallow’ I’d like to inform you, that we’ve gone on a hiatus due to exams and shall return in a month. Send positive thoughts over for us, thank you.)


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