Some call it the age of liberation. 
For me however with it’s freedoms has come life lessons.

Being sixteen was the coolest thing in the world. While my mates, who were turning eighteen acquired their driver’s licence, legalized A-movie viewing and voting rights, I dwelt on the fact that I was still young and carefree.
Sixteen has some ring to it, doesn’t it? Here, you’re not just into your teens, raw… you’ve been in this territory for a while. Unlike those who have just entered their teen hood, you’re more experienced and more mature. You wouldn’t say “Oh my Gosh,” for the least of things. And you’d even text your friends in English that is grammatically correct. (Unless your autocorrect’s a twit or you’re born with typo-genes like I am)
Then again, when you’re sixteen, you do have to make difficult choices: Should I eat an ice cream or a pastry? And like the adult-you-are-going-to-become to make the right decision: You eat both. And yeah, there are those other stuff to sort, like career and universities and perfecting your plan of kidnapping your celebrity crush so you can marry them… but yeah, there’s still time. Better enjoy the ice cream before it melts. (Which if you live in my city, has already been burnt by the heat)
Sixteen is about discovering. For me, it was about learning that I like Artic Monkeys a lot. That ‘Next Year’ by Two Door Cinema Club is one amazing song. To discover that for David Tennant ‘I would walk 500 miles! And I’d walk 500 more! Just to be that girl who walked 1000 miles, just to fall down at your door.’ To be amazed at the fact of how many, many, many books I have yet to read (and cry for and laugh with) and to be thankful for the stories I’ve been able to make my own. To know my textbooks have been utter rubbish and it’s all going to end. Sixteen is about making friends who’d pretend to give you liquid luck just to boost your confidence. Who help you know what you want and realize it. Who tell you to study and deactivate your facebook account, but would spend at least two hours saying good bye on the chats. To find random followers on twitter (Okay, these moments are really rare in my life. Oh, follow me: @Salonie03) and to get even weirder subscribers on Youtube. Sixteen is about accepting that you won’t get over some people, and that’s okay, and that love is well, lovely. If not the most idiotic thing on earth. To discover that life choices can change within a second and being indecisive is better than taking the wrong step. But even with the wrong step, you have to learn that there is an erase button, if you let life hit it. Because I did. And lastly, I’ve discovered that I’m important. Yes, this tiny speck of human bacteria writing this, is very significant. And know, that you are loved. And in turn, be thankful. Always be thankful.

In these last few hours of being sixteen, I want to thank everyone for standing by me. And for helping to shape me to be a better person. Sixteen has been a good, good year for me. And here’s raising my metaphorical glass to seventeen being even more awesome and amazing and life changing. 
Phewww, I feel so old, already.




2 thoughts on “Sixteen.

  1. Good life-day to you, then.
    Sixteen feels ages ago to me, but it *rocked*.

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