Welcome to our Family!

It was about 7 months ago when I first heard my aunt was pregnant.
My first reaction?
… of Joy?

I was thoroughly shaken up by the thought of another being entering our family. Okay, fine, she wasn’t going to be MY sister and I wouldn’t see her face to face for at least a whole year, given that they live in another continent. But I already had a Cousin, Rhi, and I was content with that.
I know I come about as selfish. Maybe because I was. But when your aunt and uncle tell you they’re having a baby after eight years, it does hit you hard on the unexpected wall. And to me, here’s why: I was my parent’s only kid. If you’re the only child, you’d understand that sometimes it can get way lonely. And you feel isolated even when you have loads of friends. Because loads of friends won’t be living under the same roof as you do or won’t hit you the stomach or won’t be there for you at an odd hour in the night. I didn’t have anyone my age to talk to when I was at home and I didn’t know what it was like to have a sister or brother. And I kept imagining what it would be like, and despite all my friends’ complains, it seemed nice to have a sibling. 
There were perks of being the only kid too, but today’s not the day for that.

And then I got Rhi, my mom’s brother’s child. It changed my world. I had someone who I could finally call my own. Even though we weren’t real sisters I knew what it was like to be jealous, or to fight or to just cuddle with her and cry. I love Rhi a lot. In her entire life I might have been with her for about 6 months in total, cumulative of all the visits they’ve paid. And those days were remarkable. The moment I see her at the airport, I start crying, bearing such happiness in my heart it would explode. 

Trust me, when I heard Rhi was getting a sister, I was happy.
But, for some time I thought this was all going to end – Rhi’s affection towards me, my uncle’s hawk-eye attention at what I’m doing and my aunt’s tenderness. They would have someone else, more important to lend all those emotions to. And I’d again, become ‘one of the’ cousins. My uncle is the best uncle in the world, the coolest. There’s no one like him, no one who’d do so much for me or be so utterly concern about my future. And I can’t tell you how grateful I am. Rhi is such a darling. A hyper active monkey always on a sugar rush. She can love you more than billions combined, and I not know how to repay her back. Except like this:

Ferrane, my newest cousin, is truly a gift to my aunt, uncle and Rhi. And I can’t wait to meet her. And share in her life and become a chapter in it. I know my uncle and Rhi would want me to love her just as I do to them. And with all my heart, Ferrane, you chubby baby, I do love you. Welcome to our family, and to this world. We are so happy to have you.




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