But we just got here.

To you,

I’ve always been saying that I’m a Nobody. I did have big dreams when I entered college, cause to me the perception of Xavier’s was entirely different. It was like leaving Home for Hogwarts, not knowing anything of what’s going to happen. There was excitement, my fingers going cold, losing myself into daydreams of what it would be. Like any other teenager, I relied on the fact that a Hollywood teen movie would be the actual depiction of being in St. Xavier’s. And looking back to the summer of 2012, I couldn’t have been more right.

So I didn’t make friends immediately. I would roam aimlessly from one group to another, never fitting in. There was something wrong with me. I wasn’t cool or interesting, I didn’t come from some high class school and even though I love reading, I had read fewer books than Soumya. Wait, the entire college together must have read lesser books that Soum, that girl has a 7 storey building full of books! As I was saying, what I liked or knew didn’t matter, because nobody bothered to know me.
And there would be a time when I would just go home and accept your friend request on facebook and pretend like I had friends.

Until it happened.

Until Raashi started speaking incessantly in every lecture diverging us from our actual point.
Until Riya asked me if I could bluetooth her an Avril Lavigne song
Until Maya kissed me on my cheek, happily (and crazily) giving me her number
AND I found out that Christina was a MAJOR Castle fan.

For all these moments you did make me feel wonderful. We were united against certain dark forces (She whose name shall not be taken) and we sat in Scavi pretending we were actually reading our textbooks, when we and Naqvi sir both knew our voices overpowered his. So we both pretended we couldn’t hear the other. Schedules, diagrams, diminishing with the increase in the stock of the thing of the what I will never know which will maybe never help me, yes, thank you Economics. More than the subject I found Vidya ma’am more fascinating. She most certainly should become the president of India. Talking about India, and Indian education system that made P.E compulsory the moment we entered college, I’m telling you IT’S A CONSPIRACY! The motive of P.E. is to humiliate us in front of the hot senior guys, thank you very much. And if you find any typos or wrong grammar here in this post, please feel free to refer to our textbooks (Something you haven’t been doing) and feel even sorrier. And what the hell did I write for my assignments? For I don’t remember a thing!

So summing it up: All the drawing on the benches (Wow, FUNKS, and Alicia) the-during-lecture selfies (Hi! Suku, Vai and Rush) The talented designers: Dal and Sarah. The first benchers who hardly listen to annnnything. Samantha who always forgets to say 59. All our four CRs. The three Janvi’s (No, I’m not spelling each of your names individually) The middle row Potter heads who cannot seem to get enough of notes, no matter how much they write. Fresh Face! Suchi and her six sneezes.The gals from the place closest to my heart, Vasai. The AMAZING SINGERS (Naomi: That’s too flat) Aldrin and Clarisse. Preeti POWAR, coincidence of the century! My favorite gymnast. Shivani with her desi swag, the stalkers, DIVERGENT, what up! My writer fraaands and all of you whose name’s will exceed the love limit of this post. There’s one thing I want to tell you! I LOVE YOU.

Maybe I haven’t gotten to know you all perfectly, but I know you are awesome.
I just want to thank you for giving me even a moment of your time, because in the end, to me, that’s all that matters. I’m sorry if I’ve ever come across as rude or if I’ve hurt you in anyway. I cannot apologize for being weird, it’s in my genes. This post will never accommodate the gratitude I have, and maybe it was just two years and I shouldn’t be sad or so sentimental. But some of you are going and never coming back. And some of you will continue, but we go our different ways in the end.
And that’s the best part I love about us.
That we have beautiful dreams to fulfill. And there’s nothing stopping us.

I am so proud to know each one of you.
(Our class is better than the other divisions, no doubt. They always envy our unity)
I could sit anywhere randomly and not be bored. And that’s what you have given me in the last two years. And MORE, apart from that. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas and love with me. It’s only because of you that I got up and came to college. I even know your roll numbers now by heart, too bad you never asked for a proxy. (I’m not creepy)

Two years have gone so fast, and I still feel that I’ve just got here.

So, ask me now what do I think of myself. Okay, maybe somewhere the word ‘Nobody’ still echos.
But mostly, it says, I’m yours. You and your company has shaped and defined me.
And when we’re together, I swear, we are infinite.

Darn, I forgot to write about the foyer! Oh well..

Your’s faithfully,
(I better get full marks for this letter!)


6 thoughts on “But we just got here.

  1. yes, we do love writing, don’t we!

  2. Love love love love love.

  3. still crying, after all this time. Always.

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