Surviving ‘Amor Deliria Nervosa’ – TCWT December ’13 Blog Chain!

Hey! Hey! Hey! I can’t believe after how long I’m writing for a Teens Can Write, Too blog chain! It’s too exciting! (Fingers shivering in anticipation)

So the prompt for this month is: Which fictional world would you most like to be a part of, and what role do you think you would fulfill within it? How would you make your living? Would you even survive? Don’t feel that you have to stick to jobs outlined canonically in the books – use your imagination about who else might exist in this society.


I know you guys think I will pick Divergent (Hello? Best series ever) which is my favorite book, but NO. 
Because Divergent life has already been figured out – born Erudite, transfer to Amity, frolic in the meadows, picking apples and strumming a banjo. Marry Peeta and make a lot of peace serum induced bread with him, then volunteer for Katniss for the 74th Hunger Games. Be the star-crossed couple and win the Hunger Games by gifting Prez Snow the Elder wand and basically travel through time in the Tardis with Peeta, living happily ever after. There, there, I told you it was sorted. 

Any who, the world I want to explore is that of Delirium (by Lauren Oliver) – based on the lines that Love (Amor Deliria Nervosa, as they call it) is in fact a disease. 

It goes without saying, I’ll be severely affected by the sickness called Love, and will secretly try to suppress the symptoms. *Smiles to herself for no apparent reasons* 
As the law goes, I will have to have my treatment done when I turn sixteen. The treatment that will get me rid off these unnecessary emotions. Then I shall complete my education, get married to someone I have never met – just because we happen to have the same aptitudes, and live with the number of children the government prescribes me to have. Monotony will be the new me.
Only all this^ won’t happen. Cause I’m not the one to follow rules.

The evidence that I’m seventeen and still believe in the power and principles of love, shows that I ran away from home and joined The Wild with their campaign to override the government’s plan of eradicating Amor.
But I won’t be a Hero. I won’t be the one who stands tall as the leader and marches the battalion to the field. 

What I inspire to be is the healer, the instigator of hope.
The society has been devoured of the greatest power they had. To love. And so, I’d be the one who lights the fire to love again. I really wouldn’t know how I’d do it, for it is difficult. Would I go home to home, reminding them of the days before their eradication of love? The days before their treatment? Narrate to them stories about the rebels who know how to love and what love can do? Dig out history which was guarded against us, of centuries ago, when loving someone was one of the noblest acts of humanity? Or simply, try to develop a serum that could undo the anti-love vaccination? I don’t know, but sure as hell, I’d try. 

Yeah, I’ll have my fun. You know, fall in a love with a handsome guy, shoot some arrows and have fabulous hair at all times. And how would I earn? Pfft, I always say I live on fresh air and the word of God…. and the courtesy of the Pizza guy. So hopefully for all the anti-government, ninja-spy-wizard, work I do, people will feed me and fatten me up. Money wouldn’t interest me anyway. 

And then, after maybe 6 movie adaptions, I will win the war of Amor Deliria Nervosa, curing all people and sentencing the guilty to drink Amortentia (Love portion, snitches!) AND FINALLY live happily ever after. Loving people to death, literally. 

Phewww, saving the world is tiring indeed! I’m gonna go now, Hermione needs help with some muggle matters.
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 That’s a wrap then. Thank you for reading!

8 thoughts on “Surviving ‘Amor Deliria Nervosa’ – TCWT December ’13 Blog Chain!

  1. Oooh, I’m gonna have to look into that – sounds like a STRANGE dystopia.
    You Christian?

  2. Fabulous post. I haven’t read the Delirium series, but it looks interesting– the idea of being a hero in any dystopian series, however, is daunting. The end result would be a great thing to achieve, but personally I’d rather avoid all the tragic deaths that usually occur around these things. (But rebellions are awesome.)

    Great post.

  3. Nice post! I haven’t read Delirium, but it sounds like you’ve got a good plan for living there.

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