Good days, Bad days

If I had to pinpoint one amazing day, I’d be lost.Time moves too fast when you’re sleeping and suddenly it’s the next day, an enduring 16 hours to go through with no guarantee of happiness.

As teenagers, what happens in those 16 hours can be very important since it can shift the way we end our day: With a throbbing headache or a smile scratched up on our faces. On an average, every teenager goes through irrational depression at least twice a month, which can last for an infinite amount of time, and fester. While some are bold enough to confront it and say, “I have a problem,” and goes to a shrink, many of us just blame our hormones, overlook it, eat more chocolate and pray the next day to be better.

Divulging into what makes our days good or bad is nerve wracking, for we are the most complicated beings on earth. A person who meant nothing to me yesterday, can cause me ethereal euphoria today, just because some baby named Cupid decided to play Hunger Games with me. And so, days are simply days, and I don’t think we can have a completely brilliant or sucky day.
It’s true. Sometimes, we’re eating this amazing burger and this very pretty chick walks by and you look at your waist and then hers, thinking, “What is wrong with me?” And you lose your appetite for the rest of the day.

But just because something bad happened to you for like a moment, doesn’t mean your entire day has been a mess. Like yesterday, I was totally bummed that this cute guy ignored the hell out of me during school, and I had such a terrible headache, I could cry for death. But today I didn’t even feel his absence because I paid attention to the other several beautiful things around me.

Bad days come and go, and so do the good ones. Do I long for an entire nice day of bliss? I do. But without bad moments, we wouldn’t learn to hold on to our grounds. God gives you only what you can bear, and Karma hits you only as hard as you deserve…. Okay, not always, scratch that. But in the end these are just moments. Not days. There are 24 hours in a day and if you’re gonna label them as good or bad just because of what occurred during a moment, then you’re just wasting the gift of being alive for that day. I mean, if I had an entire day, I’d do so many constructive things…. like sleep.

I read this in a book (Struck by Lightning) where one of the characters films every moment of her day, and when asked why, she says, (to put simply) – So I can remember the good moments and fast forward through the bad.



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