Blog Chain with Nia!

I will race against time as I have only 10 minutes before I have to leave for college
Nia tagged me in a blog chain, and here’s how it goes!


  •  Link bag to the person who tagged you (I wasn’t tagged, but she did state that anyone can participate).

  • Take three books and take three main characters of the gender(s) you’re attracted to and decide which one of them you’d rather kiss, which one you’d rather marry, and which one you’d rather throw off a cliff.

  •              Tag a couple other people to join in.

First Book: The Hunger Games
Characters: Peeta, Finnick, Coin

Marry: Peeta … He’d definitely make an excellent husband. Hello, who gives his life for a girl, twice?
: Finnick … says it all.
Cliff: Coin … I somehow preferred Snow to her.

Second Book: Divergent
Characters: Tobias, Peter, Evelyn

Marry: Tobias … Hello, who’s gonna kick the chance of getting married to Perfection? Not me, surely.
Peter … I’d like some bad boy taste on my lips.
Cliff: Evelyn … Even though Marcus was cruel, I didn’t like Evelyn better. There was something snarky about her.

Third Book: The Mortal Instruments
Characters: Simon, Magnus, Sebastion

Marry: Simon … He’s a sweetheart yeah, and his geek humor is to die for.
Kiss: Magnus … Something about this warlock draws me magically towards him. Oh, wait. 
Cliff: Sebastion … I know it’s cliche to hate only the villian of the series, but he’s REALLY annoying.

With a few seconds to spare I tag:

Bye then guys, Gotta catch a train!




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