On Holidays and Family.

So my make believe fall break has come to an end and even though it has been pretty okay, because one, internet all day long and second, food… I was utterly irritated to be in the same place for two good weeks. 
Some three days ago, my mum told me I was finally getting out of our four walled room and going to our village house!
(The reasons were not for leisure, though)
And I was ecstatic!

I’ve always dreamed of my perfect holiday in Paris or New York, with degrees lower than I’ve been in and foreigners all around me. Where I wouldn’t even know how to pay for a souvenir that I bought because the currency would be so confusing and my language with the natives broken.

However, it doesn’t require all this, I’ve gathered.
Because when I left for the village on Thursday, hurdled in a train compartment passing mangroves and harvested fields, I realized we have to love the beauty which we overlook daily. So here’s what happened at my holiday stay there.
Discovered that two of my cousins live half a minute away. Be ashamed, Vee!
I will never love a bike.
Everyone there owns and rides either a motor bike or scooter. And me, who has never really been on a bike before damaged a lot of my cousins’ bikes, just by the mere act of getting off them. (Trust me, getting on them was not easy, either)
But more than stupid bike accidents and having people laugh at me on the road, it was the people I lived with that made my stay the most memorable.

They treated me like their own daughter. Made sure I had something special in every meal that I ate. Kept me comfortable, never made me feel lonely or out of place. I honestly didn’t feel like I didn’t live there or I wasn’t at home. If anything I was so disappointed that my stay was short lived and I vowed to be back in no time. There’s no place that can give me such a warm feeling like Vasai does. Because just like all other things I love, it has been in my life since I was a kid and returning there is happiness of a different sort that I I can’t express.

The second part of this post is family.
What is family?

Blood relations, only?

For me, it extends even more than that. Every time you smile at me when I least expect it, you become family. When you show me kindness, like letting me use your phone because mine is spoiled, you become my brother. I’ve never believed in just having relatives through blood because then my family would be so limited. I beg to see a sister in every one of my friends, because each of them have this spark in them that makes me respect and love them.
I think the biggest sign of someone being your family is the way and the extent you love them. And if you can do that, you are in heaven.

Today at a party I met this girl who I’ve always admired and looked up to. In all honestly, she being two years older than me, I’ve always been scared to talk to her for more than 2 minutes because she’s just so pretty and is a total Selena Gomez lookalike, and when you see a angel you’d be scared to approach too. But today we spoke so much and we departed with a hug, and I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT.
People are connected to us, in small tiny moments, they become inseparable. I mean, yes, we fight and we hate… but there are these times when people get so close that hate doesn’t exist in these spaces.

Having realized the above and spitting it out in this post, I wish each one of you this kind of bond and a lovely holiday, five minutes away you.


Being silly, as always.


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