Reading: Dos and Don’ts


All those who don’t like to read: BITE ME.

Lately, I’ve been reading my old books, new E-books and books I owned but hadn’t read before… well basically, just reading a lot on the whole, and then writing reviews on them. I’ve noticed that I finish them in at least 3 days, max. (Due to all the free time I get from not studying. Mom, please don’t read this) This got me thinking, what is the right way of reading?

Ideally, there is no right way of reading. You can read in the train, or while you’re waiting for your bath water to get warm, even with your foot in your mouth. However, I’ve condensed a few things I keep in mind while I’m reading.
Here they are!

1. Reading is like having a glass of vodka. You have to pace yourself. I know this is difficult, especially if you find a book really interesting. It gets hard to put it down, and resist the urge of completing the book in one sitting. But when you read over 50k words (that’s an average word count of any given book) over a short period of time, it gets muddled up in your brain. Sleeping over the book for at least one night helps it sink in.
And, if you’re reading an E-book, you should take frequent breaks. Personally, I’ve noticed the strain after reading an E-book for 2 hours straight. Instead of enjoying the book, you’ll most likely end up with a headache
Also, the faster you read, the sooner it gets over… and it’s done, the end.
So instead, learn to savor the book.

2. Always read the blurb.
The tiny descriptive para on the back cover, yes, that. Read it.
Get to know what you’re about to read, decide for yourself if you want to read the book for your own accord or just because it happens to be New York Times’ bestseller and your friends are raving about it. I sometimes also read the reviews (of books that don’t have a wikipedia page or are not that famous) and stay wary of spoilers. This strengths (or weakens) your decision of reading.

3. Use bookmarks
Or if you have a remarkable memory, remember the page number when you’re taking a break from the book.
Deliberate doggy ears are a complete no-no.

4. Try not to have preconceived notions about the book. (Except for Twilight…. just kidding) Start every book with a fresh mind.
If you’re halfway through the book and you don’t find it interesting, try to finish the entire book before you give your final verdict.
Most books tend to go slow in the beginning, which makes it dull for the readers to cope. I had this book where I couldn’t even cross the 2nd chapter, I was so bored… but by the end of it, I was certainly happy with it.

5. Acknowledgements.
If I really love the books, I make sure to read the acknowledgements. It gives a sense of closure.

Okay, this is all I can come round to, right now.
These are some of the silly things I keep in mind while reading.
Do you have any quirky reading rituals? Tell me!



3 thoughts on “Reading: Dos and Don’ts

  1. Yeah, I read books with pictures. Comics! 😀

    • Also I think pictures are, not always necessary but sometimes they are because we do need a pictorial representation of the story. A lot of people might have hardly even imagined how the Harry Potter series or even the Arena in the Hunger Games series would even look like before the movies.

  2. About the arena, I agree!

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