Blog Series Announcement!

Hi guys!

Over the last few months, my friend and I discussed about writing episodes for a show of our own.
Obviously being teenagers we do not have funds to create an actual show.
So we thought of doing what we do best: Writing

We’ve decided to write out each episode for you and we sincerely hope you follow us as we make the efforts to chalk out an interesting, entertaining tale for you guys to spend your time with.
It’s just like a show, with each episode coming out in a week and we’d love to build an audience!

Stine Hallow depicts the unlikely friendship of Amelia and Mira who meet in their second year in Bombay’s best school ‘St. Xavier’s.’
In a place where everything is sorted into black and white, Amelia decides to draw a rainbow. Hitching a ride with her, Mira’s daring acts of cutting her mother’s calls and skipping school when she mustn’t lands her into learning that teen drama is more dangerous than it seems and you will get stabbed in the back, more than once. And when you’re standing next to a dead body… who cannot help but notice?

Our first episode will be up really soon. We hope you like the series, we definitely are putting a lot of effort into it!


See you ’round.


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