Every Brand Has A Story.

Hi guys!
Today we have a guest post on this blog!
My amazing friend and illustrator, Spencer Shimdt writes about the Indian fashion culture and has critiqued some of the famous, yet frequently affordable brands.



I wouldn’t like to start off my maiden fashion article by reviewing an Armani or a Chanel fall/winter collection. Hailing from India, where you’d be pretty lucky enough to not repeat clothes per week, I’ve decided to cover brands that hopefully even in the future will not charge you 56000 rupees for a crew neck sweater top and stretch cotton skinny pants.
Street shopping is pretty common in the country, they seem to cover the trends way in advance than the retail stores at malls. You’ll find pretty good stuff up for grabs at fairly cheap rates. There exists an illusion that higher priced goods have better quality, but this could also be fairly true. It is very hard to determine the true worth of any clothing piece in particular if you are a rookie to the fashion industry, this however is purely in economic terms, clearly, people fail to consider the difference between a cotton blend piece and a polyester blend, if it ‘almost’ feels the same *choosing polyester blend here*. I have always been a fashion critic and obviously have been cornered with questions like ‘why do you even care?’ and ‘what’s in a brand anyway?’. The truth about brands I sought for, wasn’t even there. There is no absolute truth in any brand, the truth lies in what you want in an ensemble, what you’re expecting it to give it to you and what it gives you. If you’re expecting nothing, you get nothing, like, most of my friends, and you don’t really care about your ensemble as long as it looks good, it fits you right and the best part, you’re paying waaaaayyyyyy lesser than your neighbor who just got a high end cashmere cardigan straight from Neiman Marcus *Ouch!*
If you decide to maybe give critique a try, then welcome aboard. And just for the record, I don’t and you don’t have to go around spending 10,000 rupees in a day for the brands that are listed below, again, it all depends on what you are expecting out of it.

  1. 1.      AND by Anita Dongre: price range ( Rs 1000-3000)

The design and marketing strategy is specifically targeted towards the urban woman. The brand follows trends with the structure of the ensemble but maintains originality very well. Coming from Anita Dongre, it usually sticks to tribal, multi printed design. The fabrics in the range include georgette, polyester spandex, viscose spandex, rayon and viscose lycra. The cons here, Too much Viscose. Viscose is basically your typical stretchable fabric. It could suit well and be comfortable to only a limited amount of women, petit, to be frank. The other pieces which include the georgette range, are a stunner.


  1. 2.      United Colors of Benetton: price range (Rs 700-7000)

This global fashion brand, based in Italy, covers a wide range of products. It specializes in offering fashion suited mainly to outdoors and daily life, however work wear can also be found. Fabrics include cotton, viscose and polyester. This is not your sequin-shimmer-shine brand. In other words, don’t go to a UCB store hoping for evening wear.

  1. 3.      Forever New: price range (Rs 1000-12000)

Years later, this will hopefully be the first place I’ll go after earning my first salary. The brand’s philosophy is the reason it’s called Forever New, they respond effectively to trends and change their styles every week, their current collections are the Bolshoi Ballerina and Chateau Versailles. They specialize both in everyday wear and evening wear. The best thing I like about the brand is their huge range of fabrics and colors suited to all body types, their clothing is usually found to be very well tailored with a dream finish, for which you pay the price. Their fabrics range from nylon-elastane, polyester mesh, polyester, viscose, to poly georgette, cotton and satin.


  1. 4.      Van Heusen: price range (Rs 1100 to 5000-7000 approx.)

This brand is my personal favorite. It specializes in ‘Everyday Couture’ that is unique, elegant, and classy. Each piece is tailored with stern perfection and has a finish which is bold yet sophisticated. At first, what may seem as work wear, has a good vibe and most importantly, appreciates the wearer. Their fabrics range from blends of polyester, rayon, elastane to viscose and georgette.


We hope you liked this post. 
Thank you Spencer for writing it for us!




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