Ain’t about the Hatin’

They ask you for your first name. Then your last name. A username, maybe… and then a password.
Voila! You have now logged into another social networking site that will yet again ‘connect’ you with your friends. 

Social Networking is a platform for worldwide communication. It is here that you can seek to create an entirely new identity for yourself. And sometimes that means being Anonymous.
Anonymity creates a lot of power in the hand of a single individual. Specially with this kind of networking that really doesn’t require you to get off your chair. I get the perks of social networks – universal bonding. But sometimes we tend to misuse the power of reaching out to someone across the globe. Especially if that someone is actually a stranger to you.

Now that we’ve tackled the technical part of it, let’s get to the story! 😀

I log in, see like seven notifications and I’m like, “Blaaah, why are people not liking my picture?!” 
I check out what facebook has in store for me and to my surprise someone’s tagged me in their comments!

I rush to click the link, and then wait for five whole minutes (because my internet speed sucks) before the page opens in another tab. And what do I see? 

“vee don’t feel bad, but your face needs a reconstruction.”

First thing that clicks in my head – Mr. Hater you did not Capitalize my name! Ugh.

Second.. My face, what? Who is this?

Third, I check what page it is. 

Apparently this was a ‘Confessions’ page of my College. I’m not gonna lie, I felt devastated to have someone even think of me that way. I mean okay, I don’t have a nice face, do you have to necessarily tell the entire world?  uhm NO. 
So what are Confessions pages? 
It’s like a community page, so that individuals who like it at least know 10% of the other people liking the page.
Then, the status updates of the page happen to be ‘Confessions’ by these very individuals.
And if you wish to send in a confession, you click the link to the google form they provide you with in their description box,
Bonus? No one will even know you typed all of that.

But why am I even explaining this? I mean, aren’t we all familiar with this?

Confession pages has soared levels of animosity and only results in people losing their self esteem.
I mean, why would I want to know if you banged someone’s boyfriend. Or whether your best friend is a harlot?
Aren’t these things supposed to be written in your diary, if you want to express it at all?
And better yet, you list out the people you hate, their faults and their mistakes… yet you have the pleasure of being ‘Unknown’ 

And then there’s US.
The people who read and don’t say a thing. Maybe we’ll like one of those statuses. Silently wait for the page to vomit a whole loads full of new comments and secretly regret the moment when the page closes down due to authoritative reasons. And through the murmurs, in deep despairs of whispers, we talk about what we learnt about a person through an anonymous tip.

Is this what we’ve come to?

I know reading about others is fun. It is. And honestly, I don’t mind when people are confessing their love for someone.
But it goes out of hand when you call people undesirable names and let out secrets that they trusted you with.
Is this how we have started taking revenge?

And really, if you hate the person so much… why are being discreet about who you are?

You can point a finger and tell me I need a face reconstruction… But can you also say that finger belongs to you?


As it goes, this post is not written because I’m still distressed about how stupid the internet can get, day after day. It’s actually to thank my friends who stood up for me.
Because when I saw that post it wasn’t just lying there alone. It was captive with my friend’s comments rounding it’s throat and mocking the person who wrote it. Honestly, I didn’t expect anyone to comment on it for me. But I was SO HAPPY I wasn’t alone. You guys are awesome. And I love you to infinity and beyond.


Bottom line is, the hate doesn’t matter when you’ve got real friends. Friends who’ll be there and speak up for the person you are. Who won’t leave you when you most need them and who will love you for the lopsided faced creature you are.
Because if I have people like these who will not log into facebook but my life and stay friends with me forever, a hundred confession pages about me wouldn’t matter!



My thoughts have been very scattered through out this post, but I do hope the idea was put out.


2 thoughts on “Ain’t about the Hatin’

  1. Oh god, don’t even get me started on confessions pages.
    It’s a pity they don’t see that beauty is what is on the inside, and there’s more to people than appears.
    Don’t take anything to heart, Vee 😀 ❤

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