Hie guys!

So it’s been a long time since I’ve actually spoken to you.
What better day than today, then?
Hail, Allegiant, which releases today and will kill the mortal parts of our soul.
AND the Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars which will make you cry tears of blood.
AH the beauty of life!

Today I want to talk to you about ‘Ships.’

Shipping, derived from the word relationship is the belief that two characters, fictional or non-fictional or real people, would be interesting or believable (or are, or will be, or should be) in a romantic relationship. It is considered a general term for fans’ emotional involvement with the ongoing development of romance in a work of fiction. Though technically applicable to any such involvement, it refers chiefly to various related social dynamics observable on the Internet, and is seldom used outside of that context.

Shipping can involve virtually any kind of relationship – from the well-known and established, to the ambiguous or those undergoing development, and even to the highly improbable and the blatantly impossible. One rule of shipping states that if more than one person ships a couple it is a rightful ship.


When one says “I ship Dean and Castiel.” They’re basically saying they see them together as lovers. Or rather want to see them as a couple.
Ships have become really popular these days. People ship almost everybody and everything. Image
Yes even Draco and Apples.

And it goes on with shipping the bad guys with the good guys. You could even ship a rabbit with a tree.. that’s how far shipping has gone. Shipping is prevalent with Youtubers, movies, books, shows and well, sometimes even with political ministers. Sigh.
The most creative part is not plainly shipping two very different characters BUT christening them.
Hash Tag Destiel (Supernatural)
Hash Tag Ezria  (Pretty Little Liars)
Hash Tag Caskett (Castle)
Don’t we see all of this on twitter and tumblr?

So the only logical reason behind us shipping any person at all is that, I think to a certain extend we believe in Love in a very unwavering manner. I know shipping on some levels appears to be like a joke. But if you insult someone’s ship, I don’t think you’d live for too long. It’s simple human nature to see love even where it doesn’t exist. And I think that’s what gives us hope. If you can ship two people who as close as brothers [Cue Jalec – Jace and Alec from The Mortal Instruments.]  and say you don’t believe in love… Well then only the Demi Gods can save you.

So who do I ship?
Peenis for ever! In case you were wondering – that’s  Katniss and Peeta from The Hunger Games
Fourtris – which is so prominent for Four and Tris from Divergent
And sorry Potter Fandom but I do ship Harmony! (Harry and Hermione)
…. And the list goes on

Next up, we have the term – OTP

Which stands for One True Pairing.
This is the king of all ships. It’s the ship you ship THE MOST. 
This ship matters to the person like breathing air itself. You should never speak against this ship in front of the person, it’s that important.
I think my OTP is Drewson – which is Nancy Drew and Ned Nickerson. I know this ship is not very popular and a lot of people don’t even like Nancy Drew… but I’ve read a lot of old Nancy Drew books and it’s more expressive than the current 21th century ones are. I think the first time I read love was theirs and so they are my OTP.

So that’s it!
Who do you ship? Who is your OTP

Tell me in the comments belows!

You know the drill : If it can be shipped, let it sail!



2 thoughts on “Ships!

  1. When my friend told me about Drapple, I had the same reaction as Tom Felton. LOL

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