Beards… Take Care.

Hie Guys!
Here’s a post I had written for a magazine.


Touch a girl’s hair and you’ll experience the hardest slap across your face, all ninja style.

                Imagine the state of the world if women could grow beards too. Now, not only do the men have a whole new standard of competition to stand against, but they’ll also have to work around human beings all having stubbles. The feel of a clean smooth chin would be lost forever.

                On the other side, the commercial world will find only more excuses to launch new products. As it is, women try on every shampoo and hair product that ‘definitely’ will leave their hair straight, smooth and tangle free. (With the help of photo-shop, of course) Think about coursing in a departmental stores, and seeing bottles of ‘Chin and Shoulders,’ ‘Dove – have that perfect soft chin today!,’ ‘Livon – because you love your beard’ and so on.

                Let’s not forget the commotion in parlors and saloons – “Maybe I should cut hair beard in layers?” or “I want to streak my beard red.” What’s funnier would be the new hair- I mean beard styles that will come out. Gotee and short stubbles will be history, with new fish-tail braids and pony tails becoming the new ‘it’ thing. Oh and the accessories? Let’s not even get started with that.

                All in all, if the she males did have beards, they would totally ‘be worth it.’ 




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