Book Review : Anna and The French Kiss


Author: Stephanie Perkins
Language: English
Genre: Young Adult
Publication date: December 2, 2010
Media type: Hardbound
Pages: 384
POV: 1st Person

Blurb: Anna is looking forward to her senior year in Atlanta, where she has a great job, a loyal best friend, and a crush on the verge of becoming more. Which is why she is less than thrilled about being shipped off to boarding school in Paris–until she meets Étienne St. Clair. Smart, charming,beautiful, Étienne has it all…including a serious girlfriend.
But in the City of Light, wishes have a way of coming true. Will a year of romantic near-misses end with their long-awaited French kiss?

My Say: The cover. (Picture above^) There were many pretty covers that I found online. Choosing this one, means, obviously, I like this the best! It indeed is lovely. Not to mention the font that made me go all “Oh la la.”
Written in first person point of view, this book follows Anna who’s shipped from her safe, familiar Atlanta to the mysterious city of love, Paris. One might envy her luck, with having an friendly, welcoming hostel mate and bumping into His Hotness Étienne  right on the first day. But to ‘Ah-na’ (As Étienne pronounces her name) this can only come close to a nightmare.
From leaving her ‘Home’ – the only place she’d known to discovering her Alma Mater in the School of American, Paris, this journey for Anna cannot be any easy. She’s the new kid, in her last year of schooling, who ne parle pas française AT ALL, falling in a forbidden love with her best friend who’s already in a relationship, not to forget that she misses her old life back in Atlanta.

If you’re a sucker for love stories, this one will do you good. It’s exciting, enthralling, with frequent jokes about la langue française… if you thought Qui was spelled as ‘Wee’ – here’s your place to be.
It also gives you a very realistic approach to Paris, including all the sites and famous regions.

I will rate this book a : 4 out of 5.

Other comments : Besides being ‘Year’s Best Teen Novel’ in 2010, it has also received positive criticism from Publisher’s Weekly and Kirkus Reviews.
I think this would make a really good movie, if executed well enough.

“For both of us, home isn’t a place. It’s a person. And we’re finally home.”

 So that’s it then!
Keep reading, guys.
Tell me if my review was good enough and where I can improve.
Hope I’ve helped a little.



2 thoughts on “Book Review : Anna and The French Kiss

  1. i liked the review *thumbs up* 😀

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