If I walked quieter, if I made no noise, would they see me?
Maybe if I pursed my lips and stared at them intently enough, they’d look.
Look. Smile. Recognize.

I say a “Hello!” brightly. I stretch my lips across my cheeks. I adorn a delight on my face when I face you.
I want to hold on for a second and keep you held there for that second.
So we could be together. For. Once.

I want you to tell me your story. So that your story can become a part of my story.
Your silliness become the cause of my laugh. Your tears well up in my eyes.
When you leave I want to scream “NO!” and “Don’t leave me here alone.”
Because loneliness is something I cannot bear.
Insanity, yes I can. But, a lone wolf in the herd of blood sucking vampires? No.

Maybe I’ll tell you about the way the blue sky makes me wonder.
Or how I hide my lashes when he looks at me for a second, a mistaken second.
Why that chicken shawarma  makes me weak at the knees.
And why I’m screaming at you not to go.

But people can be only so much.
Only emotions and lives and hellos mixed in the swiftness of desires.
But people is what I love the most.
Because people are you and me and we. We make up so many strings.
Strings of love, prayer and hope.
And people can be so much – what you dream of and what you will yourself to see.
What you smell and what you want to taste. That’s all that people can be.

So when you ask me, whether I’m back from college, I’ll smile and say “Yes.”
Because people will talk. And touch. And heal.

Remember. You’re people. You have so much ability than you give credit for.
You can change. And transform. And make.

So people with the most power, that IS you and me, make the right choice.
For you can do anything.


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