Thanks to Nia who posted this awesome blog chain thingy, it’s given me another excuse to ramble on… through typing ._.
Any who. Today’s questions are on ‘Sequels’
Without much babble, here they are!

1. Best sequel you’ve ever read?

 – Catching Fire.
I really didn’t expect them to go back into the arena. I wasn’t really putting my mind into what the next book of Hunger Games would do. Honestly, I first bought HG, read it, and went all crazy by the end of it that I had to grab my friend and go to the nearest bookstore (which on second account is not near) to buy the next two books. Also, did I mention I spent all my savings on it. Yeah?
The part that actually made me love the book is : Tick, tock. The arena’s a clock.
And Finnick Odair ❤
Go figure.

2. Worst sequel you’ve ever read?

 – None.
Honestly, I’ve not read a lot of books which have sequels.
Also, I kind of accept all books, good or bad, for the way they are. So pinning down one becomes hard.

3. Sequel that outshone the first book?

 – Insurgent
And why did you even believe I wouldn’t mention this book. I love Divergent, and I still think it’s the best book I’ve read so far. And it’s only fair to say that Insurgent has been up to the mark and has done it justice.
4. Do you often read sequels or do you read the first book and move on?

– No faint clue.
So, once I read a book and know it has sequels, I automatically want to read the next book. Because if the first book has been great, then yeah. But if it hasn’t, I would like to see if the second book resurrects the story.
It’s a whole different plot that I never have enough money to buy physical copies of the books.

5. What’s a sequel that really surprised you (in a good or bad way)? Why?

– Eldest.
It’s from the Inheritance Series. I think, the title of the book gives away a lot. So when I read the names of the older books of the series – Eragon (name of the protagonist) Brisingr (which means fire in the ancient language) and Inheritance (look up the dictionary, will you? Nimrod) – I knew what I would get.
Eldest was like… what? Is there something I don’t understand? Does Eldest have two meanings?
Until I read the book that blew my mind into making sense.

6. What’s the last sequel you read? (Briefly, what did you think of it?)

– None.
So I’ve been rereading a lot of books with sequels. But I haven’t really gotten my hands on a never-read-before sequel.

7. What are 3 sequels you’re planning to read (eventually…)?

– Allegiant
– The sequel to The 5th Wave
These are the only two books I’m really looking forward to. Though I have to start reading a lot YA series that have gained populism.

8. What’s the first sequel you see when you look at your bookshelf?

 – Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire
I really really love this book from all in the series. I just think it’s very relatable, and it’s the bottom of the pyramid to the emotions and feelings that teens go through. Not to forget, magic.

9. Best sequel cover!?

Did you expect something else?

10. What book(s) do you think desperately need a sequel…but don’t have one?

The Fault in Our Stars.

Because Augustus Waters is not freaking dead.

Yay. That’s it.
Feel free to rip this off and post it to your blogs.
Have a nice day!



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