Messed Up

“She was a sweetheart,” my grandma said, this morning. “I’d always want to read about her in the newspaper.”

I wince as I realize who she is talking about.
We all liked her, once upon a time. Wanted to be like her, sing like her. Live the best of both worlds.
Where has she disappeared?

Grown up, people say.
Is this, I ask, the way she chose to grow up?

I don’t really think so. I’m not here to criticize Miley, or say where she’s gone wrong and that I expected better. She was one of those people I looked up to, a long time ago. And I’m not going to patronize her by saying, she let me down or any of that sort.
In fact, I’m pretty sure half of America is happy she finally showed her true colors and like the meme’s on Facebook say: Disney kids always turn whores (Cue Lindsay Lohan, Vanessa Hudgens, Amanda Bynes, etc) – And well, the other half of America, is sourly disappointed, and only support her because they’re in denial to see anything other than the girl who used to be Hannah Montana.

Maybe, I can justify her actions, not approve of them though, by quoting her in a recent news article, “I messed up. I have so many freaking issues.”
If you really do take a break from criticizing, and hating, maybe if you try to understand what others go through, and see yourself in their situations, maybe you’d have a different thing to say altogether.
We all see celebrities as… well, ‘Stars’ – loads of money, can buy what they, they have that perfect figure, not to forget a flawless face, they’re famous and followed and loved and to them everything is a matter of snapping their fingers.
But isn’t this thinking a very biased approach?
I mean, how many of you would like to have the paparazzi outside your house 24/7 or would like to go shopping, but would have to disguise yourself? And even if you have the courage to walk on the streets like the star you are, who’s to guarantee you won’t come home all bruised and hurt?

I’m not saying that the way Miley danced at the VMA’s is acceptable, we’re all disgusted by that, yes.
But her life has always been public. When she had a diamond ring on her wedding finger, when she chopped her hair off… Like any other celebrity we know all of that, the moment it’s spotted – So, should this really come as a surprise?
I think everyone has a limit after which they break… and for some stupid reason, I think this is how Miley is broken. Maybe it’s because she’s exposed to a lot of fame, and too much freedom without her parents correcting her – but these reasons shouldn’t bother us , because don’t we all mess up in life?

Remember the worst screw up you had. The biggest mistake you made.
And think how you’d feel if this messed up scenario was known to the entire world.
Would you have them judging you?

Miley’s situation was just a wake up call to me, to say, that people mess up all the time – worse than she could. And just because she happens to be this so-called ‘Star’ doesn’t mean we judge her under a different pretext. We can’t expect an actor or singer to be a role model cause no one can lead an ideal life – there will always be celebrities who make mistakes, known and unknown. And the only thing we can do is accept it.

So, in the end. I’m not telling you whether you should like Miley Cyrus or not. I personally don’t care. I simply want to tell you that commenting on a famous personality is a waste of time, your singular opinions don’t affect them specially since they don’t know you exist. But, again, why would you want to be one of those people who always points a finger forgetting there are three pointing back at you?



2 thoughts on “Messed Up

  1. I didn’t see it that way until this post. Well written, Vee.
    Love Always. xx

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