Damsels in Distress

Oii! Guys!
Here’s another article I wrote for my college magazine.
I hope y’all like it!

“Rajesh! Kidhar ho tum*? I’m locked in this god forsaken room,” I speak into the phone. The darn signals played well enough for me to hear him say he’s on his way. He tells me to hold on… in this musty old room? Yeah right. I don’t know why I agreed to solve this murder case with him. And now, one of the suspects has trapped me here! Till he takes his own sweet time to rescue me, let me have a little chat with you. What should we talk about?
Ah. Here’s one.

Behind every successful man, is a woman correcting him that it’s “Wingardium LeviOsa” not “LevioSA.”

I had been forced to watch this serial ‘Diya aur baati hum’ with my mother getting teary after every dialogue the female lead character mutters. Wait… Did I just say ‘Lead’ character? Wait… Did I say ‘Female’? –Surely, this must be a sob story about a poor ill-fortuned girl who’s rescued by a handsome, doing-good-forever boy.

It took me 24 whole minutes, and two commercial breaks to realize that our story scripts have changed from the tradition ‘helpless girl and handsome boy’ to ‘independent girl and guy sidekicks.’ Knights in shining armors were so yesterday, even Disney princesses don’t drool over them anymore. Hello Katniss Everdeen, and likes of her, who fight in an arena, win the Hunger Games, save the guy and protect their family. Damsels are no more pitied, but are a symbol of rebellion.

Yawn… All this talking is getting me exhausted. Where is that Rajesh? Never mind. I’ll just get out of here, by myself.





*This translates as “Where are you?”


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