Oh, Brother!

Hi guys!
The following was written for a magazine I was working at. (for my college fest)
I hope you like it!


Welcome to yet another week at Big Brother, folks! With us, we have our five contestants: Mr. Hommer Simpson, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Barney Stinson, Joey Tribbiani and Detective Kate Beckett. Last week we bid farewell to one of our most loved contestants, Chandler Bing. But this is what showbiz is about, it must go on!

“I’ve had enough! I want to go home,” cried Hommer. He pointed to Joey and said, “Give me the number for 911 please!”

Joey waved his hand towards Detective Beckett, “Man, we have our own NYPD here!” He stared at her a minute more than appropriate and continued, “What’cha doing tonight?”

“You should know I sleep with a gun,” she replied.

“I see absolutely no point in this reality tv,” Sheldon emerged from the kitchen. “What is the purpose of enclosing 24 human beings in a rather submissive area of habitation without contact to the outside world or connection of social media? What entertainment do those puny tv makers derive from it? I may be receiving a Nobel Prize at the moment, but I’m stuck in this primitive activity of surviving till the last day. Penny would have been far more befitting here. Also, today is Wednesday, where is the Chinese food?”

“Yeah, the doc’s right,” agreed Barney. “Seeing the same lady among us is getting me bored.”

“Zip it kitten,” Kate retorted. “Say a word and I’ll make you regret you opened that sorry little mouth of yours.”

Barney pretended to zip his lips, while the others launched themselves on the couch. The Big Boss’ ominous voice boomed through the speaker just at that moment, “This week’s elimination is based on audience votes…” He continued, pacifying Sheldon that Dr. Wolowitz had nothing to do with him ending up in Big Brother.  But what are you waiting for? Didn’t you hear? Go vote for your favorite character and save them from elimination!




2 thoughts on “Oh, Brother!

  1. beautiful! 😀

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