Malhar ’13 ^_^

I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.

Day two was over and I was willing myself into a slumber so that the next morning I would be all set for Day 3. The last and final day of Malhar.

To an onlooker, a visitor, an audience, Malhar is: Chaos.

To a volunteer, an OG, an OC, Quartet, Malhar is: CHAOS!!!!!!

People were already in lines, in the musty bamboo sheds and barricades, with slight drizzles always cooling their heads. I found it hard to walk past them without noticing that quite a few of them were staring at me. Leave aside the fact I was wearing shorts, which we never get to wear in college, they were staring at the t-shirt I wore – Which said ‘Volunteer’ very prominently. If they focused harder they’d read the department I was in.

Having an AC room for your department was a blessing everyone asks for. Besides we all fell in love with it.
I think there are a lot of things I’m going to miss.
Malhar is a lot of things to people – a holiday, a competition, a fest.
To me, I really don’t know what.

I scrambled my way to the 1st floor, as the rain dropped down the moment it knew I didn’t carry an umbrella. It does not help with so many Security and Assistance folks standing in my way and checking to see if I was indeed a volunteer. But later, somehow their lack of indifference made me confident to break their rules and run about the corridors unnecessarily. Coz that’s just fun. Annoying them.

I gathered the people in the room, Raga OGs and OC, Natasha and Derrek, Alifya …. and did I forget to mention that Conclave was in the room with us? Get your conceptions cleared! If you think they only scream and object for debates and political issues.. please, they sing Sheila and Jalebi Bai better than IPA does.

I was happy that the third day wouldn’t be that hectic for me. (Haha, I’m a Raga Volunteer. It’s never that hectic for me) and so I chilled in the room, which was already chilled because of the AC. I read the Raga, while I was ‘chilling’ because that’s what you do: Read the Raga when you have no work. And I’ll say, in that moment I knew I was happy to be where I was.

Shift started, and I took to distributing the Ragas in my most favorite place : Reception. Because not only do all the people enter from the reception and cannot refuse taking a Raga, it’s one of the only places I can stand freely and not get wet or feel hot or both at the same time. Thank Goodness, Assistance doesn’t work there. Also, I have PR for company…… Not really.

The best part of distributing the Raga was getting a “Thank you,” back in return. I really didn’t expect people saying Thank you for handing them a Raga, and I think any workforce hardly ever gets a thank you in return for the work they do, specially by the audience. So this was a big plus for me.

The Raga desk too was in a lovely place, protected by plastic sheets and having a view of the stage. Please, and with chairs to sit, I could have spent the entire Malhar there. You even got to see who entered, as well as the judges and the sound was Amazing!
Another thing about the sound that mystified me was… the sound for each event was darn clear and vibrant but it never overwhelmed another event’s sound that was taking place simultaneously. Maybe this is just me, but I guess it was Xavier’s architectural beauty that made it possible. Oh yes, and Texxx too.

Any who. I think I had the best mates ever. Soum, Nia, Chin and Ahat. Couldn’t ask for people better to work with other than you. And Dal, coz you were jobless the entire while. (Haha, please don’t kill me) A Capella was amazing. Riya, you rock.

For me, hours took forever to age. But somehow, I loved that time was passing really, really slow. The crowds were too much, I wouldn’t even believe if you could number the people entering in. And I got to see a lot of famous personalities. Gasps, as a well-known actress walked passed me in the corridor, I was full of shock.

I enjoyed the band events the most.

And Am Night?
Tell me, Baby. What’s your story?
Because it left me speechless and wanting for more.

I rounded up all the memories in my mind as I waited patiently for my Card-o-lates. I wasn’t scared of speaking to any of my OGs and OC anymore. I really love them all. I made quite a lot of friends, some who I already knew but would never say Hi to before. It was nice seeing some of my mates in other departments, divided and united at the same time. And.. And I realized this was all going to end.

The hype, the excitement, the preparation… it’s done.

I’ll say it again. To an onlooker, Malhar is: Chaos.

To Us, the workforce: It’s something we can’t put into words.

As I walked out of college, I tried to find as many words as I could to describe it.
A tiny leaf fell on my head and a tear rolled down my cheek.




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