Cloak of Invisibility.

First of all.
I’m sorry. Very much.
I know I haven’t posted a single word in a hoard of days and that’s partly because I’m lazy… Sleep deprived, loaded with projects I don’t wanna do, helping out with my college festival and hungry.


But here I am!
Taking off all the dirt and mud accumulated on my untouched Word Press and battling one back pain at a time.

Today, I want to talk to you about something really special.
It’s one of the three that form the Deathly Hallows, who greeted death like an old friend.
Yes, dear Muggles, I’m talking about the Cloak of Invisibility.

Now, now, I know you ordinary mudbloods are wondering of what use this post might be… after all, you obviously cannot perform magic. But fear thou shan’t because what I am typing here is just for the likes of you… and me.

Maybe I just come from a small place, an area where everyone you pass is known to you, and while you ride your cycle to your French tuition, you’d have to take your ear plugs off at least 7 times and say, “Hello aunty.” “Good evening, there.” “Hey, what’s up.” -and so I always knew what it felt like to be known.

Over a year and a half, entering college has changed a lot in my life. I don’t really roam about in my small town that often enough; college consisting of 6 hours itself. And with travelling and homework, I really don’t have time to spend with anything that’s familiar. The part I do get to interact with, is, no jokes here, utterly unaccustomed to.

I was always used to people knowing me, smiling at me, talking to me the entire while. I knew stories that begun with, “Remember that time…” and I would have a list of embarrassing memories to associate with people.
And then. POOF! Some Slytherin waved their wand and all that was gone. I don’t really admit I miss my old friends, or old life because change is inevitable and sometimes exciting and inviting too. But off late, I’m been too.. uhm… Invisible.

Maybe it’s just because I drank the wrong polyjuice portion and turned into a cat… and no one really notices a cat.. But I have a better theory about it.
I’ve been gifted with The Cloak Of Invisibility.

I do feel left out sometimes. I’m not the kind of person who stays quiet all the while, who looks depressed as if her third cousin from her mother’s side was just knocked out in a quidditch game.  But I am turning into one. Guess that’s because all the friends I made.. already have ‘best’ friends for themselves. And where does that leave me? Under a cloak eavesdropping on Draco.
It’s hard – this power the cloak has. And for me, it’s feels like it can’t be removed from my back. I feel like the person in the background, just a blur. The being who is not thought about idly, unless you have an assignment that’s due and I’m the only person who can help. Or the last person you can think who’d help you. Yes, that’s the way I put it, I’m the last person who’d cross your mind. Though I’m stuck in thoughts of random college mates who’d never dream about me in their wildest hours.

And then, when I think about it again… isn’t that okay?
I mean, being invisible… is … Okay. I wouldn’t ever hear dirty rumors spread about me. People wouldn’t judge me because I wouldn’t really exist… and.. and.. Okay, that’s it, those are all the pluses I have.

So yeah, I don’t like where I am right now.. Maybe it’s will get better.
But till the better comes to best, I’ll be clinging on to this garment.
Shadowing you, with this cloak of invisibility.





One thought on “Cloak of Invisibility.

  1. True, being invisible is ok. I know how it feels like… but one actually cant stay invisible for long.

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