Of Being a Part & Expectations.


It’s here!
In just one week I’ll be a part of one of the biggest college fests in my city!

“Every day. I explore. I make a choice. I share. I grow. I soar. I am myself.
I break free.
This is your time.
Think. Feel. Do. Be. But please… Zara Hatke.”
Malhar 2013

The theme of this year is ‘Zara Hatke’ whose literal translation could be – ‘A little differently.’

Malhar is entirely made possible by the students of this brilliant college. But simply saying that St. Xavier’s is an amazing institution is not enough. I believe, it becomes only what the students of the college are. It goes without implication that I’ve seen and met and befriended some of the smartest, loveliest and most wonderful people here. And without the effort, hard work, without their thoughts and ideas, their will and goal to strive and succeed, without their enthusiasm, Malhar would not be a pinch of what it is today.

I’m really proud to be in the department that writes for the official paper of Malhar – Raga.
Being just a student attending college here, drives people up with madness when the Malhar season approaches. One particular corridor is lined up with department posters – Admin, Hospitality, Fine Arts, Souvenirs, Finance, P.R, ETC, to name a few, and details of applications are put up.
I find the application part daunting and helpful, both, because just like college, it prepares us for the worst case scenario – not getting accepted into a department of your choice, or complete rejection. AND the best thing that can happen – Making Malhar come to life doing what YOU do best.
Either way, you do learn to write an application letter!

The foyer and hallways are filled with half heard conversations, “What did you apply for?” and “Did you get in?” Not to forget, remarks about the cute OCs or OGs (Organizer-in-Charge & Organizer) of various departments.
Malhar orientation videos are other things that make you fall in love with this fest.
And exhaust your replay button too.

This year, I had three departments in mind : Raga, ETC (Entertainment, Theater & Contests) and LA (Literary Arts)
And even though we could apply for a maximum of three departments, I ended up sending a letter only to Raga.
Rejection scares me like not playing up a girl scares Barney Stinson.
I was too nervous, too dumb, too scared or just too lazy to answer the questions asked by ETC and LA.
So I decided one letter to Raga is enough for me… after all, I did write well, and I did come up with a kick-ass short story! Hello?
And I kept rejoicing and flaunting my decision to get in solely into Raga… while I secretly panicked I hadn’t been selected.
After days of depression, waiting and eating… I FINALLY GOT A PHONE CALL!
I was in!

*Sings “I’m Raga and I know it!”*

My OC and OG’s are purely awesome – Fabiola, Abisha, Fawzia, Cynthia, Alaric, Terence and Prthvir.
For a first time – I really think I selected the right place to be and couldn’t ask for better heads to look up to. They’re really fun people and honestly, even though I wish to experiment and try out for other departments in the years to come, Raga will have a special place in my heart. Always. And it will be partly because of my heads.
And my team-mates: Chinmayi, Nia, Soumya and Ahat.
Raga made me think of ideas I normally wouldn’t dream of. It made me strain my creativity into pouring words and thoughts and fathomed an entire new world to me. I know, sometimes I’m not good enough a writer, but Raga shows me that everyone has a chance, everyone is given an opportunity, and it was so kind to be receiving it. I know there’s room for improvement and I hope to be a shining example of Raga, one day.
Also, this is the place where my official writing journey starts.
*sees her name in print and jumps in joy*


You never know how huge a fest can be until you become a part of it.
AND Malhar is as big as it can get.
Last year, being simply an audience I wasn’t able to comprehend the value of such an enormous platform that has been given to over 50 colleges in and outside my city.
And I think it’s mainly because I did nothing, and I saw nothing during the initial, final and crucial stages of Malhar.
Malhar in simple terms is a competition.
But it’s the mother of competitions.
You have – dance, all styles. Street dance. Singing, acapella. Band event, in vernacular languages too. Writing, quizzes, computer gaming events, events based on physical endurance, others on intellectual capabilities, both combined. On the spot comedy, mimicry. Art, drawing, music, lyrics -NAME IT – it’s here.
Aha, I’ll tempt you by saying, there are also different workshops including tasting chocolates and cheeses and what not!
Another part of Malhar is the contingent, of course. Those who take part in the events, that we ‘Volunteers’ (Yes! That’s what we are called *Le Hunger Games reference*) organize.
I wouldn’t know about this side of Malhar, obviously. But I’ve heard there’s a similar fire and smokey background to it as well, not to mention over hundreds of nervous participants and over-whelming buckets of talent.

From this year’s Malhar, I really don’t know what to expect.
I’m thoroughly excited!
I can’t wait to wear the personalized tee that has the logo of Malhar ’13 (Picture above) and says “Raga – Volunteer” and enter the not very high security gate (which by the way, are students only, but they know to run their rules – so don’t mess with ’em)
And I’ll love the thoughts of the audience who will come to watch and look at us Volunteers in our different colored tees (Each department has a different color) and be mystified by the thought that the entire three day celebration was put up by us!

And if it isn’t obvious enough, I’d like to thank each and every person who puts in an effort to make these days the best days of Malhar. Because without you I don’t think it would be possible.

So, I’ll sign off, now.
Hope I left you with a faint idea of the excitement that fills my veins and will be here in a few days.
I find it difficult to put into words what happiness this is to me.
To be a part of something this huge is a privilege.

If Malhar is anything, to me it’s bonding:)



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