The sister I never had.


It started with the earrings.

I may have about eight cousins or more. And we’re quite close, there are visits and phone calls, even when it’s not Christmas, Easter or a birthday. But I’ve lived my entire life without the shadow of an older sibling. Elders? I’ve had two lady majors rule my life and govern it. My mum and my grandma are all the women I see daily.
A sister?
Cut that off the page.

Here, in my country, every neighbor becomes your ‘uncle’ and when it’s your family friend’s wedding – get ready to not attend college/school for an entire week. That’s what happened when Flash got married. I was up about the place, skipping lectures and travelling with heavy luggage to and fro, apartment in the city to the lovely wedding house far off.
I had never really met his fiance.
But as I said, It started with the earrings.

Like any normal girl was I was fond of jewelry. And when Eve found out, she took every opportunity she had to get me one of those ear delights.
Honestly, I love being pampered with gifts. This, up-until-now stranger even lending a thought to get me something was just heavenly.

I know, I keep complaining to my mum about not having a sister. Moreover, about how I feel lonely. And for a fact, I’m never going to have a real sister tied to my surname.
But just because I don’t.. Doesn’t mean I don’t have a real sister tied to me with a blond stronger than blood or ancestry.
I want tell you, out there, that maybe not having a sibling, has left me with having more sisters than I can manage.
In every ice-tea you share with me, in the laughs, in the times you exclaim “Oh my God! What are we gonna do now?” In the times you fall, and in the times you stifle that giggle when I fall, when we stalk people together, and when I dream about you at night – You become the sister I never had.
It’s in moments, that you sometimes cannot count, sometimes cannot recall and sometimes cannot recognize, that you become more than a friend.

A few weeks back, when Eve came visiting, all I said was, “Lovely anklet,” fingering the silver on her ankle. I was taken by with gratitude more than anything, when she removed it and slipped it around my ankle. “It’s yours to have, if you want it,” she smiled back.

Dear Eve, thank you so much for your kindness and love. Praying daily for you and your baby. Thank you for your sisterly grace.



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