Be Brave.

Just a few days ago, the freshman made their entry into MY school. It’s no surprise that everywhere they went they were sneered, “Ah, these freshers.” And judged for being taller than most of the seniors.
Also, they crowd up the place.

I know being in sophomore, does not call me to label them as ‘the newbies’ or even play pranks on them or misdirect them to the wrong class or push them in the cafeteria (I swear, I haven’t done any of this…. yet) – But yeah, somehow, I still manage to look down at them. Because hah! I’m not a freshman anymore. I’m an integral part of the school. AND I’ve got friends. 😀
I remember being in first year and returning home, all teary, about not having ‘friends’ and not belonging anywhere.
But this batch of freshman – They come as if they’ve won the Hunger Games. They’re not feeble, or anxious, or even afraid. They just want to grab all the opportunities they can and act like they’re one of us.

Which I think is a really good thing.

Because you cannot wait for an entire year to fit into this jigsaw puzzle. You will miss out of almost everything if you do. It simply aggravates the ride. If you don’t stand up and say, “Hi, I’m Vee. And I like writing and daydreaming,” no one will ever even bother asking you anything.
As Captain Jack Sparrow says, “Take what you can. Give nothing back.”
You deserve to.

If I wasn’t brave enough – I wouldn’t have made half the friends I did. And today, I know my entire batch. And they know me.
If J.K. Rowling wasn’t brave enough – The close to knowing Harry Potter would be clay.
And I’m not gonna take famous examples, I’m just going to say, if you weren’t brave enough, maybe you’d not be walking right now. Cause even though as a infant taking your first steps are a biological behavior, if you gave up every time you fell, you’d be still lying in your bed, with someone changing your nappies.

So, this is to everyone who is petrified about doing something. You shouldn’t let fear be a barrier, use it as a strength.
As it is written in my favorite book, “Be brave, Tris,” Four says.
If someone tells you to be brave, they aren’t saying it because you’re weak or afraid. They say because they know you can be brave. You have the ability to.
You are Brave.

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So, go ahead and tackle what comes your way.
It’s not stronger than you are.

Here, I’d like to thank you all for following me and giving me a total of 50 followers. You are an awesome lot. Loads of love.
Thanks for making me feel brave enough to post my everyday casualties online.


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