Did they have it easy?


I’ve been observing them far more often than a naturalist psychologist. I’ve followed their words, their steps, even followed them to the bathroom. Every swish of their head, every clack of their knuckles, even what they order for lunch, I know it by heart now.

Who am I talking about?

They’re known as the ‘Popular and Plastics’ – who hype every lump that comes through their mouth. What they wear is supposed to be the latest fashions. And yes, when they glance at you, they look right through you like you weren’t even standing there.

I’d been wondering about how they get so famous.
What makes them the way they are. And why were they in that category of teenagers.
Of course, they have pretty faces and rich parents… but really?

Tina never speaks to me. It takes her a month to even smile at me. Honestly, I don’t think she’s a bad person. Or a mean one, either.
Sometimes there are some folks who are perpetually unaware of the people next to them – that’s what she is. She’s indifferent. It would take probably a year before she really says ‘Hi’ to you on her own effort. But nobody waits that long anymore. Not for a friend anyways. Neither does she.

Shane, was the most approachable. Yes, he’s indifferent too. Doesn’t notice if you say ‘Hi’ to him. But if you really get to know him – he’s a sweetie. He’ll make you laugh. And he’ll say ‘Hi’ after a first few times of not recognizing you. He keeps his promise and talks to you like a friend, an exact equal.

Kev, is the interesting of them all. Because he’s the kind you’d never even try speaking to. Nop, not at all. He looks arrogant from outside and believe me, it’s the same from inside. If he’s seen you around for maybe a school year, he’ll smile once in a blue moon. But yeah, when does the moon turn blue?
You keep your distance. You so much as don’t want to look at him.

But all of these three people as labelled as ‘Popular’ – and according to the definition of being in the same category – the people belonging there should have the same behavior. That’s why they are labelled!
Emo is called so because they’re supposed to be sad, wear black, dark makeup, have piercings and what not.
Spectacles are a must for nerds.
Athletes can never be seen in anything but a jersey. If there isn’t a single sporty element in their attire, they cannot be athletes.

This week I’d been training my eyes to see these cliches, these differences. These tittles that divides us teenagers. These judgmental norms that are universally seen.

And only one question arose, “Did they have it easy?”
Does anyone actually?
Do you think calling them ‘Popular’ makes them happy? -No it doesn’t, becuase then you never talk to them and have false interpretations about their behavior.
Do you think they care? -Nah, life’s too short, to pay attention to anything other than their expensive I-phones and Jimmy Choo’s shoes.
And do you think they notice? -I guess not. Because it’s not them who whisper and observe people. But us.. folks like us, who judge, and exploit, and raise eyebrows.

So, really. I don’t think they have it easy either. No, popular kids might have to wait for their ‘driver’ while we cry over not having enough money for a chips’ packet, but think about how many eyes are watching them. Waiting for them to commit one mistake.
And honestly, they can be complete snobs.
I’m just saying, neither of us are the same – We all cannot be named as ‘Nobodies’ or ‘Geeks’ or ‘Punks.’ Because look around you – does everyone in your so called group does, likes, and thinks the same as you do?
How would you feel to be labelled like the ten others who are similar to you, but not the same?

If you don’t understand that even the person who ‘has it all’ doesn’t have it the easy way – you’re nothing but like them.



2 thoughts on “Did they have it easy?

  1. Oh, I love the way you write! You’ve made me read this entire article without being bored! and to think that this topic is even irrelevant to me.

  2. Oh My God! Thank you! It means much to me:)

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