What is friendship?


In moments when I scrolled over her newly updated profile picture, which mind, is a picture where she ain’t smiling, her confidence and attitude ringing on. It has almost a smirk, not quite, but there. The feeling that she’s thinking, “I’m so gonna win this.” And her black hair tied in a side pony, waves and curls flowing out.

I’ve always had this incredible feeling when I see a person, who I mark is standards way higher than me, that this person should and has to be my friend. Because somewhere, someway, after all the sneaky glances, and eavesdropping on their conversations, I see myself wanting to be like them.

I still don’t really know what friendship is. Sure, I’ve read a lot of quotes and pictures and stories that tell me what friendship is supposed to be like. What friendship is summed up to be. And honestly, in some moments, I feel that friendship which the world describes to exist.

But none of us have the perfect stories.
I still won’t have a friend who’d pick up the phone at 3 a.m and listen to me cry and rant. Or that friend who’d understand whatever I’m going through. Sometimes, I’d the be the one who’s left out from the friend circle. My friends won’t invite me for a movie. Sometimes, they speak stuff behind my back. But we still end up being friends.

So what exactly is friendship?

Combine a dictionary and sociology and you’ll end up with an answer that sounds like this … “An intimate relationship or a bond where in two or more individuals tend to interact more with each other than they do with others”…
(Okay I just made that up)

But isn’t that what a friend is? A friend is something familiar, someone you don’t mind talking to. Hell, friendship is someone who want to accompany. It is that person you’d tell you’re a vampire and not be afraid of who you are. You’d go to the lamest movie with them. And read the most boring book, because they like it. You’d get wet in the rain with them. Eat fries, stay out late, won’t bunt a lecture just to keep them company.
And sometimes that person is also the person you’d lie to, as well, just to protect them from the brusque truth.

Then sometimes, this being will also become the person you won’t speak to for ages. You wont even think of them. Or remember them. You’ll get new friends and new memories and new people you want to be with and want to be like.

So what is friendship?

I won’t ever be able to assemble it into one sentence, for sure.

Friendship comes and goes. It’s still living.
It’s there in the smile of a stranger. It’s waiting to be discovered when someone stamps onyour foot and says sorry. It there in that silver of second when you tell your friend that you love them no matter how gay that sounds.

When I saw that profile picture. I knew I wanted to be friends with her. There was something in the picture. At first, I thought I could see arrogance in her image. But only after realizing that she was crazy about ‘Castle’ the same way I was.. I realized she was so much more than I could perceive. And that’s also what friendship is about.
Friendship makes you understand how a person really is.

And when I walked into the cafeteria, not seeing Tris sit at our usual spot, I realized that she was late. She was always there before me, secretly waiting for me even though she won’t admit. And that day, as I waited for her to come, clueless and anxious, I began to realize friendship is a whole lot of things crammed up in a single word.



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  1. i love you!

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