The ABC’s

Okay, so I ripped this off Neville Girl’s post. And believe me, she ripped it off someone else’s too! That’s just because we like answering these silly questions… and yeah, we procrastinate a lot on our actual posts. *Wink* *Wink*
But otherwise, we’re awesome.

So what are these ABC’s about.?
Well they’re about me!
Read on!

Ambition: Writer! That’s my first and most beloved. I also wanted to be an actress. Y’know, the small roles here and there, kicking some asses. Also, I hope to become a publisher, one day. Helping out talented amateur writers who should have an opportunity to voice their stories.

Bad Habits: Isn’t it obvious? Procrastination. Big time. And I’m doing that a lot from the past few days. Haven’t even finished the chapter I was working on. What am I doing right now? Delaying writing! Ah that’s what these hormones do to you sometimes. Sigh.

Celebrity Crushes: Theo James ♥ (current)

Drink: I like coca-cola, but my mother hates when I drink that, says it makes people ill. Maybe it does, I don’t know. So the next best option I have is water.

Education: Uhm? Should saying ‘Second year junior college, studying Arts’ be enough?

Food: Okay. This is my favorite question ever. And now you’ve made me hungry too. Ah. I love Indian food. Curries and rotis and naans and stuff. Tasty. Uhm I like maccaroni, McDonald’s burger (McChicken with cheese, if you think of buying me one) and dosas. And noddles, which means Chinese. Anything with chicken in it mostly, will do. But I also like this dish called Palak Paneer which basically is spinach and paneer. And yes, on some days, eating just curds and rice does me too.
Phew! That was long!

Guilty pleasure: Daydreaming. Singing in my bathroom. Talking to myself. All those usual things.

Hometown: Kurla. (You’re not getting more than that!)

Icecream: I usually go for this one called Choco-bar cause it’s a bar of vanilla covered by a crust of chocolate. (Uhm, why was I describing that!?) But I eat only vanilla or chocolate, nothing else.

Jonesing for: (which also means craving, I read) I crave for.. uhm, I don’t know. I crave for a lot of things, really. But it’s not like I want them in actuality. You know, the normal teen ranting. Maybe I’m jonesing to meet Veronica Roth and to be on Ellen, one day. Oh, and chocolates.

Kryptonic: (This means weak spot for) Smiles. Beards. Cute stuff. Straight hair. If you’re Theo James. The sky.
I guess that’s it.
And uhm, books. Books the most. With lovely covers. And amazing blurbs. Ahhh. Weak at the knees for those.

Look-a-like: Long long ago, one of distant cousins told me I looked like Anne Hathaway. Obviously she hadn’t seen me since ages. I really wish to look like Stana Katic, cause that would be plain cool. But after staring at the mirror for minutes I can say for sure I look like.. Myself. Which I’m really happy with:)

Movie: I’ve watched tons of them. And I cannot, will not, must not decide which is my favorite. Cause I like them all. And it’s such a big pool of nominees to select from!
(P.S. 13 going on 30)

Nickname: It’s been a long time since I’ve had one. Uhm, the most recent was Sally, and god only knows why. But I’ve had stranger ones like froggie and radio. So you know what terrible friends I have!

Obsessions: Reading. Writing. Watching shows. Complaining. Dreaming. Talking.

Perfumes: I don’t really wear perfumes, like on an everyday basis. But I do have one which I constantly use (and that’s cause my awesome uncle buys one for me all the time) – Glow In The Dark by Jennifer Lopez.
I really would like to try out one of Avril Lavigne’s fragrances, though.

Quirk: I really don’t like when you’re supposed to be serious about something, and everyone around is joking and making fun of it. 😐

Regret: Many.But isn’t that life? Also I don’t have a Tardis, so I really can’t complain.

Starbucks: God, I’m not one of those people who click pictures of their “Starbucks” coffee and post them online, cause I’ve haven’t been there yet.
I still don’t intend on clicking pictures though.

The Last Book You Read: The Kite Runner.
Yes! I finally read the amazing book:)

Unique Feature: I’m just different. Like everyone else is. So that’s unique about me. Also, I have red streaks of hair. Yay! Me!

Vacation: Even stepping out of my house would be a vacation for me. That’s how much I’m stuck here. But I hope to visit Philadelphia next year.

Wine: Yep, long tasted it when I was young. It’s nice.

X: Hahahahaha, (I didn’t what this meant or what to type in here)

Years: Sixteen whole years and five complete months.

Zen: Rereading Divergent and Insurgent. Long, hot baths. Ahhh, the pleasure and satisfaction.

So yes! Those were my ABC’s. Hope they were entertaining. I mean, I had total fun writing them. Fell free to rip it off my blog and answer these questions. Now bye bye, y’all. I’m going to watch this movie ‘Now you see me.’




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