Ask me which season I like the most and I’ll probably tell you that they’re all bad anyways.
It’s too hot in summer. Too cloudy during the monsoons. And too cold in the winter.
Three standard seasons in my country.

Out of the three, Monsoons  is much awaited for.
The country runs on hydroelectricity.  Needs water.
The economy is still vastly dependent on agriculture. Needs water.
Second most populated country . Needs a lot of water.
Water = survival. 

And that’s why even when you’re content with a long deserved summer vacation, by the time May ends you’re ‘Hoping for Rain‘ because believe me, if June does not bring in a shower of rain, the daily 50 degrees Celsius weather will roast you black.

So when a few days ago, the gray clouds gathered, a line of lightening hit the sky and well, the thunder as mighty as it is, roared (which really made me jump) The Monsoons couldn’t have had a better debut.


I like rains.
(Leaving aside the fact that the dull weather gives me headaches)
But it’s something.
When you see those raindrops pellet against your window, at a drumming beat, it makes you want to dance. The force makes you want to get up and do something, anything. even going out in the rain and drenching yourself in it. It makes you feel alive.
And sometimes, it makes you marvel. To just look at it, and forget for a moment that it rains because it’s scientifically proven, and think that it rains because the Gods above are celebrating.

The smell of fresh rain mixing with mud. Mud that was dry and barren and so long lost, now is humming with energy, sprouting little tiny green specks here and there. The trees, my grandma always remarked saying, this was the time when trees had a bath, a full fledged one, coming out greener and younger than they ever looked to be. The birds are chirping, on the lookout for a dry spot, and everything, everything is electric alive.

So rain brings joy.
And just as all things do, it brings sorrow as well.
I’m not going to talk about flood or famines, both caused due to rain or lack of it.
Instead I’m gonna say that, I hope the rains fill our rivers to the point of necessity.
And  no one is deprived of this gift of water.

Thank the skies as the lightening strikes,  this is a season of revival.

Oh yeah, and of muck too.
Damn no, there’s muck on my shoes!!! -.- AHH!



One thought on “Rains!

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