The Digital Papyrus

Nowadays I see a lot of these funny things called ‘Online – Diary.’
I registered into one of them thinking, “Well, if something exciting happens today I can type it down and years later, when my memory fails me – Whoa! I can read it and recall the good old days. I mean, the stuff on the internet stays for quite a while. And… and, anyways I sit, staring at my laptop for six hours straight.”
As you could see, I was convincing myself so hard to take up writing in this new age digital ‘dairy’ (that others can read as well, if you let them) and I’m proud to say – I have written 109 words and never visited that site after that day.
Diaries are just reminders of how lazy we are and how weak our conviction.
You know what? I’m so lazy, I’m not even gonna write about the damn diary!

Because obviously I have other stuff to share with you.

So being new to all the publishing and querying agents business got me jabbing at my keyboard nineteen to the dozen. And while my search engine was almost near to blowing up – I found this site belonging to a publishing agency – that well, looked attractive. (Did I forget to mention I have a thing for blue website layouts?)
So, everything on the site looked good, looked genuine, seemed legit.
I was like, “Let’s read what this entire site has to offer!” and in my mind I was hoping this would be a beginning step to at least something. Even if that was getting my first rejection.

And then my myopic eyes detected these words: E-book publishers.

And I was like, “Okay… cool…”

Till I realized what they meant was: Only E-book publishers.

See, any writer, is desperate. Whether you are excellent in your work or not. (Unless you’re Suzanne Collins and your second book’s movie is coming out this November!)
And desperateness makes you do ugly things, most common: Taking the easy way out.

I honestly wanted to give in a submission.

And then this picture nested in my mind
And as ridiculous as it may look, I love this picture. Because this is me when I buy a new book.

Digital media is great. E-books are awesome. They facilitate stories across borders, in a faster time slot, delivering it to anyone – one click of a button is all it takes. And with Kindles and smart phones and notes and I-pads and I-don’t-know-what-other-gadgets-let-you-read-a-book – Digital Media is coming to age as one of the most important advancements, ever.

I still want to smell the friking book.
And I will allot it a special place in my shelf.
And damn, I will caress the cover and take care of it like my own baby.
Because that’s how I’ve known books to be, for all my life now.
Because that’s how I see books – Printed on paper. Something no virtual, ‘make-believe-it’s-the-same’ technology will give me.

So call me old fashioned. Or call me a hypocrite when twenty years later you see my book on Amazon selling as an e-book.
But the first ever publishing of my book will be solid, having dimensions, and boy, will you have to turn the pages.

Now, you can do two things.
Either flip through this post and be like, “Okay, the girl’s gone crazy.”  …  Or, go back to the top, and ask me, “Why did you begin with a diary experience?” and notice plus realize how we have turned even this delicate, intimate piece of personal literature into well, haha, yet another, ‘digital memoir.’

Because I’d be much happier looking at the yellowish tinted paper of my book, than to be staring at a screen.
And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

(P.S For those who might think, “Well, Vee, you are blogging on a virtual network that connects people and we are reading this post on a screen” – I’d say, “Cool story, bro.”)


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