Of Superheroes and Super-Writing.

I feel happy today.
And it has nothing to do with me watching ‘The Avengers’ for the first time.

….. Okay! It has everything to do with me watching ‘The Avengers’ for the first time!
I mean look at that!

How does one simply not fall in love with them?
Just look at these bad asses .. saving the world. Every. Single. Time!
Who do I like more, you ask?
Well, everyone likes Iron Man, right at the first instance. I mean, he is something. My ears just wait for his voice to whisper something, anything.
But Captain America is just too cute to ignore.
And The Hulk? Could he be anymore hilarious?
Hawk Eye has to Katniss’ father – the bow and arrow says it’s all.
But The Black Widow .. is like the only girl power of the team and how can I not support her.
So honestly I LOVE ALL OF THEM.

But yeah, my post isn’t about this unconditional love for them.

One of Loki’s intentions during the movie was to disrupt the Avengers and get them all angry with each other. That was funny to watch, so very.
But you know what was better?
That moment when they got together and fought against evil as a team. They were unstoppable, unshakable and unbreakable.

This was the time I began to question – how can the odds be so much in the favor of the Avengers?
I know they’re the strongest and most powerful creatures on the planet – so definitely in the end they have to win.
Just like the main characters in the books we write.
But, sometimes… being writers and having the liberty of making the story go our way – we give our MC’s a little too much strength.

What I’ve learnt from reading is that more than reading about an epic fight of swords clashing and ice bullets that leave no trace – I like to see the hero wounded, distressed, helpless.
The end may be practical or a happily ever after – but the readers know you wouldn’t have the hero killed, dead and buried six feet underground. (Unless you’re super cynical.)
And that’s why it’s the journey that counts and not the destination.

Of course my superhero will have super strength and will be a pro in karate. But will he be an ace swimmer as well? don’t think so!

So maybe what I’m trying to say is – people relate to struggle more than victory. To humanness, more than invincibility.
Your main character doesn’t have to be a stable boy who doesn’t know to read or write (though I’ve read an incredible story about an illiterate dragon rider)
But he shouldn’t necessarily have to be a long lost son of Zeus, a person incapable of  fear.

So returning back to my question.. Which Avenger do I like the most?
The Hulk, I’ll say.
(and it’s not because Mark Ruffalo plays him ❤ )
But because I like the way Dr. Banner is afraid of being the Hulk – unbeatably strong – yet scared of that power.
How much cuter can he get?



2 thoughts on “Of Superheroes and Super-Writing.

  1. The Avengers is one awesome movie, and I doubt it would’ve been as successful had the director decided to kill off all our favourite heroes. At least it wasn’t entirely cliche, however, since he killed off Agent Coulson, and there was a time in the movie when we thought all was lost. The journey does indeed matter. =]

    My favourite was Iron Man… but then again, I’ve always had a soft spot for Robert Downey Jr. 😉

  2. I agree. I was jumping up and about even before watching it.
    Robert Downey Jr. is amazing. He’s a really funny person even off cameras 🙂

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