A day with me!

“Oh great,” I say to myself. “Another day to get up early.”
I push my blankets off my body and slowly straighten myself up. Even though it’s 36 degrees I wouldn’t survive the night without my blue blankie and hold on pillow.
Yes, I’m sixteen.
No, I don’t sleep with a teddy bear. *hides Mr. Cool Shanks behind the bed*

My eyes are still full of sleep and brushing my teeth takes all the energy my body has been preparing. Three rounds of washing my face, (and slapping) I finally feel awake.

You’re wondering why you’re reading this post about a boring day with me…. ?

I may have said this a few times now .. .. (or a few hundred times)
Summer like all the others, is boring. Especially when you don’t have a passport to even raise the hope of going anywhere. Not even your cousin’s place, thirty minutes away.
So getting on.

I go cycling.
And it takes a hell lot of will to strike out the excuses my mind makes up (and my brain is very good with excuses)
After like what, 42 minutes, I get tired.
Go back home and I don’t have any ATP left to climb the stairs. So I take the elevator.
Until …. Wait for it …. my earphones get stuck in the elevator door. The plug of the earphones gets stuck to my pant. And I for sure know that I won’t make it out alive.
You’ve guessed it right. I’m blogging from heaven. The wifi is incredibly good up here.

In other news, my friends and I opened a lemonade stall!
I totally detested the idea. Because in my knowledge I knew no one would ever buy from us. Even if the money went to an orphanage.
The worst part was when people read our posters and walked by, giving us excuses that they either already had something or didn’t have cash. Some just simply walked by, like they couldn’t read English. I don’t know which case is more unfortunate.
But earning 950 bucks made me realize that all hope is not lost yet.
It was a bitter sweet experience. At one moment you’re regretting putting up the stall, and at the other, you’re so tied up with pouring the lemonade into the glasses that you have no time to think.

For the first time in my life, I counted clouds and re-imagined their shapes into real things. Things like sharks and dogs and dragons and a half-UFO plus half-a reindeer. It was fun and so babyish, but I didn’t feel the least embarrassed to point out to a cloud and say, “Whoa those definitely look like tadpoles.”
People around, you can stare at me as much as you want.

And well, I played badminton and made several excuses to go to church just to see a crush. And fan girled with my friend Sonya. And discovered that she’s a more awesome person than I ever knew – because we were like enemies four years ago.

And the words,
“People, I have discovered, are layers and layers of secrets. You believe you know them, that you understand them, but their motives are always hidden from you, buried in their own hearts. You will never know them, but sometimes you decide to trust them.”
Hit me hard like the volley ball that fell on my head a few days ago.

The thing is you never know who or how or what anyone might be. I went for an outing with the most random-est of people, yet part of the same Youth Group. And I laughed with them and played with them and sang with them, like I knew them forever.
You find out that people can have the same likes as you (But Sonya I’m killing you for not liking Avril Lavigne) and you’ve never known it.
All you have to do is talk.
And be open, I guess.
You might just find anything, that way. Maybe, something that later will be very precious to you.

For we all are so different that we don’t fit in together, but we are yet part of the same picture.

Now you see why I like writing about my day? 😉




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