Being Just You!

I found this video on Tumblr.

Randomly checking out the song, I found out it was pretty amazing.
Please check it out!

I’ve felt the pressure of fitting in – whether it’s how I talk or the way I dress or the music I listen to.
When I suggest a song that nobody else has heard, or when I don’t like a song that is very ‘in’ right now, I realize my voice fading at the end of my sentences, because nobody is interested now in listening to what I have to say- Why? It’s simple.
I don’t fit in with their standards of normality.


It does take some time.
But if you stop being you and start trying to be like someone else, you’re nothing more than a xerox copy.
If you follow the crowd, you’re plainly part of the crowd, happy or not, they won’t care.
I’ve learnt that it’s better to be alone or weird or different in your opinion or style, it doesn’t matter. As long as you’re happy.
You shouldn’t change to to be accepted.
If you have to change it’s because you want to.. you like to.
“I could have been like all the others. But is that what I’m supposed to do?” – Avril Lavigne.

images (7)

The video above is a clip of a party where everyone is almost bare of their clothing, leave for the inner material they’re wearing.
A fully dressed guy enters the party.
The crowd sneers him – then ignores him – gives him ‘THE LOOKS’ that obviously says, “Strip off your clothes! Are you out of your mind to come dressed like this?”
All because he didn’t want to be as naked as the people at the party.
Just because he wasn’t comfortable in being like ‘them’ … he was regarded as an outsider!


Stay true to yourself. In the end that’s what matters.
Because you don’t live for another person. You live for yourself. You should be who you love.
You have to embrace it.
And you can always improve who you are.
Only remember, if you’re going through a rough patch in your life – It’s just the middle of a really big, amazingly wonderful ride.


In the end, you will find someone willing to stand with you – for who you are – Unique!



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