I don’t know. (TCWT – April ’13 Blog Chain)

I sat up too many nights thinking about what my goal as a writer really is..
And after reading all the blogs before mine, I was amazed to find so many different ultimatums.
And as amazing as they were, they also helped me cross off or add what I want to do as a writer.

Have you had those supernatural dreams? I’ve had strange ones, where I was flying faster than a bullet. Some in which I was invisible – others, where I have mind controlling powers. Feet that could jump higher than 15 feet. All the eight planets we know of descending on Earth (Yes! I do get a lot of weird dreams) and sometimes not so scientific ones like, meeting my favorite singers or other celebs like Josh Hutcherson.

When I thought of goals, I also thought of dreams. Though not exactly the above mentioned dreams produced by my subconsciousness …

And the first words that flashed my mind were – I don’t know!
Shouldn’t my goal as a writer be to publish the books I write?
Or to gain an enormous band of readers?
To be well known all around the world? To have people finally following me on twitter?
To sell millions of copies of my books?
To be remembered even after I cease to exist?

But, as much as I want these things – they are my supernatural dreams.

Not my goals.

My supernatural dreams might come true, you cannot question anything in this life. The most unexpected of events do occur. But then again, I couldn’t settle down with these dreams as my goals unless I achieve them, no matter how much I’d wish they come true.

Because more than all of this, my goal is make to people feel what I feel when I write. The same excitement and anticipation and hope- all those feelings that just wanna burst through your chest when you’re in love with something you write and read. I want to touch people’s lives – When they finish reading my book, I want them to sit still for a moment and wonder, “What just happened?”
I want to make them laugh, and I want to inspire them – In the same way as I have been inspired.
I want them to improvise, and I wouldn’t mind if they find faults in my book – because even I’m not  perfect enough to write a perfect book.

But mostly, my goal as a writer is to share. I want to share my experience and my thoughts, my imaginations. I want to share my story and make it our story. No matter, if I cannot share it with the least amount of hundred from all the breathing creatures on this planet…  even sharing it with one will give me the happiness of a writer.


– Diana Scharf Hunt

I was truly exhilarated to be a part of this blog chain! Thank you so much.
Please do check the blogs (links below) who have awesome posts for this month’s blog chain!


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