We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together!

Yes, dear braces.
This is it.
This is how long I could live with you- This is how long I could bear!
The pain you’ve caused me, was intolerable, I swear!
So this is good bye. And good riddance. And no going back!

You thought that was for a guy? Well, my braces were a pain in the mouth. But no more.
Today was the day I got them removed.
Actually I got them removed yesterday.
But remember I told you how I have piercings in my gums and springs attached and wires on my palette? (All for dental purposes of course)
Well, today I had to remove those – The most painful part of getting rid of braces.

On my way to the dentist, which is a good 30 minutes drive, I was so so scared about getting three injections in my gums- anesthesia, that is. Scared of something that was gonna relieve me of greater pains I was going to feel. But whatever, injections are injections – and I was shivering snow and almost on the verge of crying. And siting on that dental chair, changing my gaze nineteen to a dozen just to get a glimpse of the injection she’d be holding, I even murmured a, “I’m scared” phrase. But she just curtly nodded at me. OKAY!

But I didn’t much feel anything but a slight prick from it.. and that was totally bearable.
What I should have been worried about were my piercings. And another complication too – A wire unintentionally embedded into the flesh on my palette. Which to make it sound scarier, I’ll explain by saying, that skin grew over the wire, burying it into my palette.
And god, did I cry for my mommy! Removing the piercing was more like unscrewing a screw.
And let’s not talk about what they had to do for my palette.
Half way through I was begging for more injections! -The irony.
Now, back home, I feel like a vampire drinking her own blood. At least that’s what my mouth feels like.
Anywho, who can complain having just ice creams all night long, hah?

So yeah, I feel a little ordinary without the bling on my teeth- the shiny sparkling pain that my smile look like glitter.
But I also really like being without them- no more weird questions like, “Is anything stuck in my braces.” or restrictions like, “Oh, is that hard crust pizza? Can’t have that!”
My mouth smells like freedom now (blood stained freedom, so what?) And yeah, as I always say- Time can heal almost everything- even physically jagged dental wounds:)
And I live for food, so that’s a plus point.

So to conclude it all…
Dear Braces,
We are certainly, surely, absolutely, never ever ever getting back together!

I need more injections, please?



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