Justice Delivered?

This post is going to be very straight. Because what happened, shocked me and challenged me to think and woke me up in the wee hours of the morning.

I crave for the simplest acts of justice. Not arresting terrorist. Not solving conspiracy cases. Not even the doings of a serial killer.
I want to know that I can park in my parking lot in my right place without having any other person abusing me and the rest of my family.
I want to know that I can stay up late at parties not scared to walk home alone.
I want to know that I can run in a marathon and not end up dead.

Three incidents from last week to yesterday made me wonder if I could know for sure, let alone believe, that these things are possible. That it is possible to live without fear. To live without being violated.

As much as I think about it – Our rights. Are. Nothing.
They cannot provide us securities.
And most of the times, it does not even give us the little we deserve. The little we are entitled to. The little we call our birthright.

So how do we deliver this justice?
How do we grant this freedom of fear, the feeling of being safe, something that we all want?
Something that is like happiness to us?

I don’t really know the answer. I don’t think I’ll ever discover it. Not the whole one piece at least.
But part by part, incident after incident, thought inspired by thought, we’ll get closer to knowing.
And I think the first step is Realization.


One thought on “Justice Delivered?

  1. This is so true.
    And what’s even scarier is being a girl–I mean, we almost have no control over…stuff. And it’s terrifying.
    I wish people did have more securities. It would be nice…

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