The Walk of Life!

^Does the title sound familiar?
[ Dire Straits ]

Laugh at me all you want, because even I didn’t imagine spending summer taking jive lessons. You read me right.. Jive!
Not Salsa, or Foxtrot, Ballet, Hip-hop or any la danse classique .. But JIVE!
And why am I making a big deal out of taking the classes?
Jive is something a lot of people know without learning. Y’all see- at weddings, it’s like a must-dance genre after the waltz. And I was one of those people who would dance on jive songs – with all my broken, shaky moves- still dancing without any shame. Until I realized how wrong that was! A dance should be respected and appreciated. So I decided it was high time to learn it the Right way!

My first class started yesterday.
And I was so shy in the beginning – Cause I never draw attention to myself while dancing. Self-consciousness, much? Yes! Also, it’s because I don’t think I’m a really good dancer .. and there was this mix of fright and excitement and anticipation! Phewww.

My partner is super nice. And he leads well – he corrects me – explains to me. All indications of a good instructor. Our main teacher is Lilian (I simply love her name!) and she’s really fun, even though sometimes it seems like a real class where she’s actually teaching. The best part is she’s just a few years older than us, so she’s very approachable – and she gives us regular breaks, enthusiastically participating in the usual ‘Girls are better than boys’ argument.

I’m learning a lot of things about jive – which first seemed like an ordinary, no rhythmic, make-your-own-steps dance. I’ve learnt about postures, control, balance and what not!
It’s all so very amazing!

The most important thing is I am having fun! And when I dance there’s not a thing in the world to care about – As long as you’re enjoying it and being yourself!


Safe to say I’m getting pretty good at jive than I was before
Yes, these are my shoes ❤ 😀



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